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The Ladies of HLOG

Here is the complete biography of all of the ladies who contribute to HLOG. Here you will find a mini-biography about the ladies and the link to their blogs if you feel like reading more of their thoughts on the lovely sport of hockey. [Updated 11/12/08]

We are always looking for new contributors, so if you find that your team is not represented and you feel that this is a grave injustice, please click to the FAQ to find out how to apply.

General NHL

  • Teka - Likes cross-checking, comparing bruises and dark beer. Always cheers for the blood cleanup crew and digs guys with scars. Author of Talk Hockey to Me.
  • Sasky - loves all hockey players, big and small. Teenage hockey nut. Author of Five for Writing.

Anaheim No Longer Mighty Ducks

  • Finny - Unleashes her inner puckbunny at inappropriate times... esp. around hot rookie defensemen. Author of Girl With a Puck.
  • Cassie - Suffers from "Sports Induced Tourette's Syndrome"!

Atlanta Thrashers

Open! Click here to find out how to apply.

Boston Bruins

  • Katherine - Kat has loved the smell of arenas since the age of 4, and knew her relationship with her fiancĂ© was serious when they bought hockey season tickets together. Author of …On Being a Sports Girl

Buffalo Sabres

  • Heather B. - Still slug free in 2007! Give me vintage or give me death! Author of Top Shelf.
  • Paige - Teenage hockey fanatic: Knows half the team’s height, but not sure about her own…

Calgary Flames

  • Leanne - Hockey fan turned computer geek turned hockey fan. Will code for Flames tickets or swag. Author of open. Ice. Hits.

Carolina Hurricanes

Chicago Blackhawks

  • Amy - Would rather be sitting at home and watching hockey than going clubbing or hanging out with friends. Author of My Tribe.

Colorado Avalanche

Open! Click here to find out how to apply.

Columbus Blue Jackets

Dallas Stars

  • Cat - A goalie-loving girl from Dallas who prays to Baby Hockey Jesus every year for another Stanley Cup. Main author of Untypical Girls.

Detroit Red Wings

  • Steph - Has introduced several viruses to her computer through downloading weird Chinese internet TV to watch hockey because she can't afford Centre Ice. Author of No Pun Intended.

Edmonton Oilers

  • The Prez - In her spare time, she enjoys getting tattoos and searching for sexy pictures of Igor Ulanov. Author of Hot Oil.

Florida Panthers

Open! Click here to find out how to apply.

Los Angeles Kings

  • KMS2 - Still a Kings fan even after all these years, she tries on a daily basis to convince her boyfriend that he does, in fact, come before hockey. Author of Purple Crushed Velvet.
  • CKim - A southern California native with hockey on the brain 24/7 with an affinity for the boys in purple and black. Author of A Queen Among Kings.

Minnesota Wild

  • Kirsten - Bitter North Stars, Jets, and Oilers fan gone Wild! Author of Land of Lakes and Hockey.
  • Elise- Minnesota teenager who is thankful for growing up in the State of Hockey and whose friends have learned that if they want to hang out with her they need to check the Wild's schedule first. Author of 18,568 Reasons Why.

Montreal Canadiens

Nashville Predators

  • Rachel – will only plan vacations during the off-season; has a penchant for 4th line grinders and all things Czech; throws up in her mouth just a little upon hearing any imitation of a train whistle; would like to gift a certain goalie with a lifetime supply of Pedialyte. Author of What the Puck?
  • Bec

New Jersey Devils

Open! Click here to find out how to apply.

New York Islanders

  • Lisa - An Islanders fan from Long Island. Always manages to sit near fans of the visiting team at games. Author of Blue and Orange Chick.
  • Margee - Loves toothless wingers, easily concussed centers, and sideshow hockey franchises. Author of SportSquee.

New York Rangers

Ottawa Senators

  • Sherry - A Toronto native who is slowly turning Leafs Nations red from behind enemy lines. Asides from hockey, enjoys baking, music, quoting 'The Office' and 'The Simpsons' and living out her delusions of grandeur through blogging. Author of Scarlett Ice.
  • Meaghan - An Ottawa native whose moods tend to reflect the Senators' on-ice performance -- this may make her seem bipolar. Purchased a Centre Ice subscription a year after moving to the Canuck-centric city of Vancouver so she could actually watch her Sens on TV. Hasn't been seen since. Author of Sens at Land's End.

Philadelphia Flyers

  • Nadine - Flyer fan with fondness for goalies, especially ones with (cute) French Canadian accents. Author of flyers.femme.

Phoenix Coyotes

  • Tracy - Has a crazy obsession with Coyotes hockey and quit her last job because they refused to let her have game nights off. Author of True Coyote Love.
  • Z4Dfense - I have developed Coyotes Tourette's, I cuss and howl when feeling intense emotions, almost always in inappropriate situations. Chipped and missing teeth make me think 'good career' eh? I need food, sleep and hockey everything else is just a distraction. Blog can be found at Yahoo! 360

Pittsburgh Penguins

  • Elly - Loves hockey more than a 7-year-old loves a slip 'n slide. Has been known to cancel dates for Hockey Night in Canada. Author of No Pun Intended.
  • Ellie - a native 'burgh girl with a deep appreciation for black 'n gold eye candy on ice.

San Jose Sharks

  • McPhizzle - Firey redhead with an affection for hard-hitting forwards and a great cup of tea. Author of Musings of a Radical Redhead.
  • Couch Tarts - Two girls, one couch, and a lot of cartoons. Gray and Mina are your guides through the occasionally illustrated world of Sharks fandom. Creators of the blog Couch Tarts. Authors of Couch Tarts.

St. Louis Blues

  • TheHockeyChick - Blues fan living in Colorado. Never played hockey, but still love the sport. Passed up nookie to watch a game once... but seriously, who hasn't? Author of Two Minutes in the Sin Bin.
  • Kathy - I'm 29 and currently live in Chicago. I love hockey and writing (like the rest of you) so that's why I'm here! In my spare time I enjoy playing goal and working on my website. Manny Legace is my goalie of'll find that out very quickly. :)

Tampa Bay Lightning

Open! Click here to find out how to apply.

Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Monika - is a long suffering Leafs fan (aren't we all) with a soft spot for the Habs, Sabres and Russian hockey. Author of Hockey Talkie

Vancouver Canucks

  • Rinslet - Rabid Canucks fangirl who has a love/hate (or love to hate) relationship with Taylor Pyatt and an unhealthy obsession with Willie Mitchell's smile/grin/teeth. Also abnormally fixated on defencemen, especially the young ones and those who come in pairs! Like Edler. Author of Canucks Fangirl.

Washington Capitals

  • CapsChick - A native Washingtonian who balances her requisite inferiority complex as a Caps fan with delusions of grandeur. Author of A View From Cheap Seats.
  • Shmee - Inside this Indian girl lies a great love for centers with soft hands, mean defenseman and forwards who crash the net. Author of Capital Addiction.

Guest Bloggers

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