Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm kinda nervous...

I started blogging at My Hockey Rants about a month ago...and well have been addicted to blogging ever since. So, I'm really excited to blog with girls who enjoy and know about hockey.

1. Where you're from, what you do - basic things.

I'm from Fort Thomas, KY a small town right outside of Cincinnati,
Ohio. I work at a bank and also for a catering company.

2. Your team and why you like them.

My team is the Columbus Blue Jackets. They are such a young team
struggling to find their identity. Once they find it, it will be a
marvelous day...and I will still be watching.

3. Your least favourite team and why?

The Nashville Predators...because well they're a division rival and
well...I just don't like Jordin's a hatred that goes back a few

4. Your favourite player of all time & now?

My favorite player of all time is Martin Brodeur. He does not get the
credit he deserves...the man is amazing...set to break Patrick Roy's
records in a matter of 2 seasons. This guy would do anything to stop a
puck. My favourite player right now...would be...Alexander
Ovechkin...the kid can pass the puck, score a goal, and deliver the
hits...he's a very well rounded player.

5. If you had to punch one hockey player or member of the NHL
organisation, who and why?

Jordin Tootoo...I hate that kid. I watched him when he was in the AHL
and just watching some of the dirty moves he would bust out was just
awful. And, now seeing him doing it in Nashville makes me hate him even

6 What you'll be looking forward in this group blog.

I am so excited to be in this blog. I live in Cincinnati and finding a
girl that likes and understands hockey is pretty much impossible. So
I'm excited to share opinions with other girls and hear what they have
to say about the sport we all love.

7. What you don't like in general?

Cheap shots and boarding.

8. What role do female fans play in keeping the game alive?

In all honesty, I think female fans keep the game on a more human
level. We realize hey we're not going to win every game but we still
support our team through the good times and the bad.

9. What role do female fans play in picking heroes for the community?

Female fans I think pay more attention to if the person is really and
truely a good person. Not someone who just does things in front of
the camera or to get their name on a list. They look for someone who
is loyal to themself, their family, and their standards.

10. Hockey just isn't the same without...Steve Yzerman.

11. If you were on a deserted island, which player would you pick to
stay with you?

I would have to say I would choose Matt Greene he is hilarious. He
could keep me entertained.

12. Crosby, Ovechkin or Phaneuf (hey he tried!)? Dion Phaneuf..

13. The player you'd like to take for a grand night out/a movie/a boring

A grand night out I would have to say Rick Nash. He would be good arm
candy and would probably be on his best behavior because he is shy and
not really the guy to go out of his way to cause problems.

A movie I would have to say Brendan Shanahan because he just seems like
a fun guy to be around.

A boring event, Matt Greene, no question. The one guy in the NHL who
makes me laugh more than anybody and I have never even met the man.
Watching his interviews and listening to interviews he does just cracks
me up.

14. If you could make your own team, regardless of whatever players,
what would it be called and where will it be/how would it be like?

Oh gosh my own would be in Cincinnati and be called the
Cyclones (yes we have a team here now called the Cyclones) and it
would be a very defensively minded team with a lot of big hitters.


Paige said...

Welcome! Congrats on your win vs. the Predators!

Ellie said...

welcome bethany! i agree - hockey isn't the same without stevie y : )

Sherry said...


Wow that central division is sure feeling the love lately, haha.

Margee said...

Sorry I'm so late to welcome you. I agree that the big issue with the BJs is the search for an identity. Once they figure out who they want to be, they're totally on the threshold.

Welcome, welcome.