Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hello, My Name Is Amy And I Like Hockey

(^Was just watching Hot Rod AKA The Worst/Best Movie.)

Hello fellow hloggers, my friends call me Angry or Sexy Mama(Don't ask.), and this is my introduction posty.

1. Where you're from, what you do - basic things.

I’m from the burbs of Chicago. A small little town where all my class mates like to get drunk and do dough nuts in their cars around the big ball park, naked, while the cops chase them. (Seriously happened twice this year.)

But besides that, I’m a junior in high school; I play Badminton and have a mild obsession with photography. But otherwise, I spend mindless hours on the computer doing random things.

2. Your team and why you like them.
Chicago Blackhawks all the way baby. I learned how to ice skate by watching them when I was a wee child. And the fact that Bill Wirtz died last year just makes my life that much better. Not because he died, my sincere condolences to his family and friends, but because he didn't know what he was doing; He kept all of the fans out of the loop and pretty much ruined the whole Blackhawks civilization. Next year is going to be amazing with Rocky Wirtz and McDonough on the throne.

3. Your least favorite team and why.
Naturally I don’t like the Blues or the Red Wings. But besides that, I’m bitter at the Kings for absolutely kicking our sorry butts in January…

4. Your favorite player of all time and now.
I have a few. I would say Radulov because 24 goals so far for a rookie is pretty damn good. He’s Russian, and I like making fun of my foreign friends when they make common English mistakes. Out of the Blackhawks...basically everyone. Kane/Seabs/Big Buff because everyone makes fun of them. Havlat because he has a funny accent. Burish because he always has a grin on his face after his fights. Sharp because he’s simply alive.

5. If you had to punch one hockey player or member of the NHL organization, who and why.
Khabibulin because he's...maybe a little sexist. And Gary Bettman because he denied us an outside game...waaaa!

6. What you'll be looking forward to in this group blog.
Learning about other people/teams. Being able to rant to a mass group. Coming together with my fellow hockey lovers to form one organism...or not...that’s ok.

7. What you don't like in general.
Personally, I don’t like my mom’s homemade tacos or enchiladas.

8. What role do female fans play in keeping the game alive.
I think the role of the female fan is to bring a different passion and intensity to the game of hockey. I sometimes think guys are a little more laid back. Whereas when I’m watching a game and a fight/goal happens, I explode and run around the house laughing/screaming/causing-general-havoc. Unfortunately there are the ‘puck bunnies’ whom just make me disappointed with the female sex. And unfortunately being a female fan of hockey, everyone assumes you’re a puck bunny. But puck bunnies have no direction in life and just want a lay and some cash. Fans have no life, so they fill that void with heart racing hockey.

9. What role do female fans play in picking heroes for the community.
Female fans look into the whole aspect of the player: ability, personality, character, looks, etc. When it comes to a hero, he has to have the character and personality, as well as the ability. I used to enjoy watching Khabibulin...until I realized that his personality wasn’t as enjoyable. The hero has the whole package, and he has the great leadership that all his teammates can follow. He can’t be the butt of the team regardless of how good he is or looks.

10. Hockey just isn't the same without heart-pounding FIGHTS!

11. If you were on a deserted island, which player would you pick to stay with you.
Hordichuk because he’d make me laugh.

Or Brent Seabrook because he’s buff, yet sweet, so I could force him into making me a shelter. He’d get the food, water and fan me when I got tired.

12. Crosby, Ovechkin or Phaneuf.
Hmm…this is hard. Ovechkin is kind of crazy/psychotic looking...hopefully he gets his 60 this year but...damn. Crosby is too good looking, that’s a no... a defenseman...I would probably be one too if I played hockey, and he’s a lefty, me too! So we’ll go with him.

13. The player you'd like to take for a:
Grand night out: Umm...Rene Bourque because he looks really serious.
Movie: Chelios because he would make old man comments.
Boring event: Lang because he would keep me entertained.

14. If you could make your own team, regardless of whatever players, what would it be called and where will it be/how would it be like.
I would go with, The Fairbanks Frostys. That way we could have frosty the snowman as our mascot, and everyone would just bean him with snowballs during intermission. And I would sit in my little box and laugh hysterically every time.


Kerri said...


I like hockey too! :-P

Welcome to HLOG!

Bethany said...

Welcome to HLOG!

Isleschick said...

Welcome to HLOG! :)

CKim said...

I do enjoy the Toews and Kane.

Rinslet said...

Hey there!

Welcome to th HLOG. :D hehe.

It will be fun to watch (or in my case follow :P since I don't have CI) the Blackhawks for the next few years. I love Jonathan Toews. :D

Cat said...

Welcome! I like the Fairbanks Frostys idea, mostly because I like the idea of things getting thrown at the mascot. I HATE mascots.

Shan said...

Uhh, hi Amy--A girl that likes hockey?

Nadine said...

Amy, welcome to HLOG! I'm glad to see another female fan covering my second favorite team.