Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hooray - There's Finally a Bruins Fan Here!

I am wicked excited to be a member of the HLOG! My name is Katherine, and I'm joining the HLOG to talk about the Boston Bruins. I honestly adore the TDBanknorth Garden, Phil Kessel, the AHL, and the Boston University Terriers (#1 in the nation as of right now!!!!) More about me after the jump!

1. Where you're from, what you do - basic things.
I was born and raised in Rochester, NY, attended college in the Southern Tier of NY, but I have lived in Boston, MA for the past four years. I work at a Boston area college in student life, and have my masters in higher education administration.

In my spare time, I write at ...On Being a Sports Girl. Growing up, I wanted to be a sportswriter or in arena management, so I figure my blog is my one way to live out some of my teenage dream. I also write for Examiner Boston, covering lacrosse, and am working on a few other online projects.

2. Your team and why you like them.
NHL: I have split loyalties - I grew up with the Sabres and will always love them, but I have become a fan of the Bruins during my time in Boston. I really enjoy the younger players they have brought in (Phil Kessel and Blake Wheeler) and think for the first time in a while, they are on the right track. Also, the history surrounding the team as an Original 6 team is super interesting.

AHL: I am a fan of the entire AHL in general - it's a great league from top to bottom. If you watch college hockey, the AHL is the next logical step to follow. Also, with the NHL continuously using the AHL as a testing ground for new rules, if you are interested in how the sport could be bettered, the AHL is the league to watch. My favorite team is the Rochester Amerks, but I follow a ton more, including the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins, Providence Bruins, and Binghamton Senators.

College: Boston University. They have some great players right now, and are currently #1 in the nation. They had a really rough go of things last year, but this year, they have probably one of the best offenses in recent hockey memory - so much fun to watch so far! I love that they always find a way to come back - be it in a individual game or during a season. I also follow the University of New Hampshire closely - it's a great program, and you'll see a lot of NHL players coming out of these recent classes. I also have learned to like Michigan State (Lerg!) and North Dakota.

3. Your least favourite team and why?
NHL: Dallas Stars (Stanley Cup 1999 - more painful than four Super Bowl losses in a row, let me tell you), AHL: Chicago Wolves (their coach didn't need to lambast the WBS Penguins like he did during this year's Calder Cup, and for that, they have landed on my bleh list) and NCAA: Boston College Eagles (the best rivalry in college sports, I am convinced, is BU vs. BC hockey. It puts Ohio State - Michigan to shame.)

4. Your favourite player of all time & now?
In the NHL, I like Ryan Miller (I think his impact on the sport of hockey in Buffalo has been enormous, and he came up through college hockey and the Amerks), and Phil Kessel (so happy he‘s finally doing well!) Of all time, my favorite player on the professional level has to be Jody Gage, who I grew up following in Rochester. Great player, great heart, and was fun to watch.

5. Which hockey player is your least favourite and why?
Chris Collins, who was recently cut by the Bruins organization. When he played for Boston College, he showed little hustle or speed - he literally never moved from in front of the net. This is fine if your team has the puck, but when your team is defending their goal and you are still right in front of the other team's goalie, that's a problem. I don't think I saw him skate a length of ice once in two years. It pains me to not like him, because he's from Rochester, but he never was endearing to me as a hockey player!

6 What do you hope to gain from joining HLOG?
I would like to meet and talk to fellow female hockey fans. It's rather fashionable in Boston to be a female sports fan with absolutely no knowledge about anything but Jacoby Ellsbury's dimples, and I would love to discuss real sports with other fans just like me for a change! Even if I don't fit in as a contributor, I will make HLOG one of my everyday stops and participate in discussions!

7. What role do female fans contribute to the game of hockey? What does female fan support do for the league/team/player she supports?
I think female fans appreciate hockey for the detail and strategy that the game entails. We appreciate why players are teamed together on lines, what line combos might be better, and how to best score on certain goalies. I feel that male fans tend to overlook the nuances, and focus on the more flashy elements of the game (like fights and hits.) I also believe that more than in any other sport, hockey definitely has a certain culture around it, which is something female fans definitely appreciate.

8. Hockey just isn't the same without __________!
The Canadian National Anthem. Sure, most of the games I go to nowadays don't play it before hand, but it always adds that extra smidge of excitement when it is.

9. If you could make your own team, regardless of whatever players, what would it be called and where will it be/how would it be like?
I would give Binghamton University, my undergraduate alma mater, its own DI hockey program, but change the mascot from the imaginary Bearcats to something a bit more powerful, like...Predators, maybe? The first thing I'd make sure is that the team had quality defensemen because I have followed one too many teams with good enough offense, a good or great goalie, and absolutely no defense! You can only get so far with that!

10. Who gets your squee and why? (keep it short & sweet, y'all!)
As I mentioned earlier, I think Phil Kessel is awesome, and earns my squee. Also, John Curry from Wilkes-Barre-Scranton (who formerly played for Boston University) is just adorable. His hair sticks out of his helmet! And of course, if you read my blog, you'll learn about the Forward Whose Name I Cannot Mention (FWNICM), who is probably the most squee worthy hockey player ever.


Ms. Conduct said...

Nice to have an AHL fan on here! Let me just say, Aeros fan to Amerks fan, You're welcome. I thought there was no way we'd lose that one, which is, of course, precisely why they lost it.

Lucky13 said...

Glad to have you aboard - welcome!

Ellie said...

Welcome Katherine! What NY college did you go to? I went to RPI.

Kerri said...

Gotta love a New Yorker :-) but mixing loyalties with the Bruins and the Sabres? I didn't think that was allowed!

Katherine said...

ms. conduct - Thank you, Aeros. I think that win should count as your team's charitable contribution for the year.

ellie - I went to school at Binghamton University, in the Southern Tier. RPI is a great school! I never have had the chance to visit, but everyone who I knew there had a fun time!

kerri - I'm trying to make it work everyday. It's hard - I love the Sabres, but I've lived up here for nearly five years (yikes!) Since the Amerks and Sabres parted ways, I'm not as loyal to the Sabres anymore. I'll always be a Bills fan though!

Thanks everyone for the friendly comments!