Friday, January 05, 2007

Past Challenges

This is just something you guys can look back to catch up with old challenges or make sure a topic isn't repeated. Additionally, you'll notice that the tags are going to be used heavily in terms of (username), (challenge tag) etc. for sorting purposes so readers can help find an old post they might have seen or posted earlier. As well each member can be tracked and not drowning in the whole sea of "BLAH".

Nonetheless I'm going to rush through this, I'll try to make it detailed later on and pretty looking. If you noticed that you answered a quesiton but your post isn't tagged, feel free to fix that up.

Weekly Topics:

  • Surprises and Disappointments V. 2 - Responses
  • Are YOU a bandwaggoner? - Responses
  • Do you think Simon's suspension of minimum 25 games enough? Do you think it sets enough of a precedent to curb the violence or do you think there's a deeper issue to be addressed? - Responses
  • What is your most favourite and least favourite thing about NHL? - Responses
  • Call ups and Clear Days, which minor leaguer impressed you? - Responses
  • Who's your goalie? - Responses
  • Instigator Rule? Yay or Nay? - Responses
  • Which player do you secretly cheer for on the inside, even when he's playing against your team? - Responses
  • Who will win the Playoffs? - Responses
  • What's your hockey superstition? - Responses
  • If the NHL Awards were handed out today, who would the hardware go to? - Responses
  • Hockey and Religion - What's the call when a player observes a religion? - Responses
  • With the All-Star Game looming, tell us what you REALLY think about it. Did you vote for Rory? - Responses
  • Describe your team's coach - Responses
  • Explain your favourite community contributing team member and why he rocks - Responses
  • Share your earliest hockey memory and why you stuck with the boys. I mean, game. GAME. - Responses
  • Argue the relative "hotness" of your team. Use numbers and stats, quirky personality traits and whether they turn up at charity events. - Responses
  • Which player has impressed you so far? And which player has disappointed you (not restricted to your team only) - Responses
  • Talk about your team's captain - Responses
  • Introduce us to your team's mascot - Responses
  • What pending free agents, restricted or unrestricted, would you love to have on your team after July 1? - Responses
  • What is your favorite offseason NHL event? (Awards, Draft, July 1, etc.) - Responses
  • What do you think is the status of the "franchise player" in today's NHL? Is it a dying breed or with the salary cap and the long-term contracts being handed out, do you see this type of player becoming more common? - Responses
  • With so many players going to different teams via trade or free agency this offseason, which game on the schedule are you most anticipating and why? Has your favorite player moved via free agency or trade? How do you think the response will be when that player visits his old arena? - Responses
Creative Challenges:

  • Take a photo (or draw with your mouse) the biggest dedication to something hockey related you have/own. - Responses
  • Who on your team desperately needs a makeover? - Responses
  • Set some New Year's Resolutions for the guys on your team. Preferably keep them hockey related, but hey, if you know something we don't know... - Responses
  • Compose a playlist of 12 songs of your team or something they would listen/jam to - Responses
  • If your team were a person, what would he/she be like? - Responses
  • Celebrity Look-Alikes - Responses
  • Fantasy Team - Responses
  • Official HLOG Seal - Responses
  • What makes your perfect game? - Responses
  • Make your own NHL Theme Park! - Responses
  • Soundtrack or Playlist for your team's year - Responses (1) & (2)
  • Design a Hockey Card for your favorite player - Responses
  • Write up an interview with the player of your choice, complete with what you think they'd say. - Responses

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