Thursday, January 04, 2007

No Resolutions

I'm going to be a pill and not give my team resolutions. I never make them, they get broken, so I will not impose any on the Sharks. I have enjoyed reading others' though.

As for the All Star Game. When I first became interested in hockey...omg, 7 years ago, I was completely for the All Star Game. I thought it was all very exciting. The voting, the skills competitions, the game; I thought all of it was great. Over the years my interest in it has waned. And hearing players complain about not wanting to go is annoying. There are fans out there that spend way too much time voting (I hate how you had to vote for every category; took too long) and they deserve to see the players that won a spot. Also, those players should think about the alternative; the NHL could just do away with the game and then there would be no break for them to covet!

I'll probably watch the skills stuff, but it will depend on what time they are on. I won't clear my schedule for it.

Oh, the Sharks are about to play the Wings and it is Black Thursday! Must go.

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