Friday, January 05, 2007

soon to be 30 minutes from the rink

Just to explain my future absence, I"m moving out of home and off to university and soon, the rink will no longer be 8 hours away but a measly 30 minutes and this means ICE HOCKEY! and Figure skating!!! *cheer* Yes you can love both.

Ahhh. The all star game. I've only seen it once, way, way back my first full season of NHL Lovin (TB Won the cup so not that long ago). The Young Stars and Skills Contest were mid morning on a Sunday here, and my mother (who likes to watch hockey purely because she's watched her two children play it enough) and I settled down to watch. I adore the youngstars game, particularly now as it's filled with a tonne of future talent. Back then I adored it because Matt Stajan *sigh* But that game was the first time I saw Patrice Bergeron play (the adorable 18 year old who said Andy Raycroft was perfect and had no faults). I was a goner right there.

The super skills was a great event, and really added to my understand of how insanely talented these guys were. I remember watching Ilya Kovalchuk fly around the ice there, and Marty St Louis and think Woah. You guys are fast. Insanely so.

I really hope they broadcast the all star game here (Runs to see the tv guide)We're getting the game, but no skills or young stars *sad* but OH WELL!

On too New Years Resolutions (Not just for the bruins but for Various other players in the leauge).

Patrice Bergeron - To keep shooting, put up more points, and try and get the bruins into the playoffs (scarily enough only 3 points out of 8th in the east with 3 games in hand).

Zdeno Chara - Try not to scare little kids in the Boston area. - Get the Bruins to the playoffs. Give the fans hope.

Ilya Kovalchuk - To not hate Marian Hossa so much (Not that I mind really, just for team unity and all)

Dany Heatley - To stop looking so miserable in a lot of photos, or atleast go home to Ilya then. - Put some points up and Improve on last years total. Another 100 point season.

Brad Boyes - To get out of Dave Lewis's dog house (not that we know why you are there) and put up points, to shush the naysayers in Boston. Don't get traded

I'm going to ramble off now, must go to Spotlight!!


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Heather B. said...

Do Kovalchuk and Hossa not like each other? I had no idea! Interesting!