Thursday, January 10, 2008

They Love Us! They Really Do Love Us!

It looks like our humble little piece of the hockey blog-o-sphere has received the Deadspin treatment once again (this time with more favourable reviews?). In any case, for any frat boys who came here expecting more of the same from the page that actually brought you here, sorry to disappoint. (We are still waiting on our invitations to be guest editors, by the way).

Last time we were featured, we allegedly set the women's movement back 30 years. In a year's time, we've managed to reform our ways and become a 'militant feminist organization'. Now that's progress.

Regardless of what we are, we always have a fridge stocked full of beer and enough seating to accompany everybody, so grab a drink and enjoy. You've come to us at a special time as we're closing in on 1000 posts here at HLOG. To celebrate, everybody who comments on our 1000th post will be given one free glass of vanilla champagne from the grocery store and two, no three complimentary pieces of cheese (your choice of marble or Gouda!).

(For real though, stay tuned for special HLOG news in the next coming weeks. As if you'd be anywhere else.)


Lucky13 said...

Wow - I feel so...accomplished. Homey and militant all rolled into one! It's going on my resume.

The original post by Margee is hilarious - a must read (if it's okay with the hubby).

Elly said...

I think this is just a diagram of the housewife revolution. No more will we iron clothes and make pot roast! Time to tie on a bandanna and get out the beating stick, because how else will we feel militant? This reminds me of how some men view active women...they're either in it for the boyfriends (aka: setting the womens movement back 30 years) or butch and militant and probably a lesbian (aka: militant). Whatever happened to just being a plain ol' woman?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to strap on my Penguins apron and make some cookies.