Thursday, January 10, 2008

Drive For Five

I was going to post this on my personal blog but the HLOG sent me a mean text message telling me that I've been neglecting her and that I had better get off my ass before she knocked out my teeth. I am fairly attached to my teeth so I decided that I had better humor my dear, sweet HLOG before she opened a can of... well, you know the rest.

Us Coyotes fans have been having quite a grand time lately. A five game winning streak, to us, is practically as exciting as a playoff run for most teams. As excited as we get over this, I'd almost hate to see us when we do make it to the playoffs.

I was starting a very high praise blog a few minutes ago but now we're down by 3 in the first period vs. Edmonton of all teams (no offense ladies and gents) so forgive me if I can't summon the energy reserves to praise a team for 5 wins in a row when they're driving me so utterly insane at this moment. Look for me later, I'll try again.

I think our problem is that we get cocky. We beat "The Defending Stanley Cup Champions" (thank you Cassie, we're JUST the Coyotes) and we start to think we're invincible. Our heads start to swell and we start playing sloppy and thinking no one can get past the Bryz! Oh, boys... I love you to death but I've made a bazillion sacrifices to the hockey gods over the last couple of seasons to get you guys to stop sucking, all my efforts (and yeah, ok, yours too) are finally paying off.

Let's not blow this babies.

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