Monday, April 21, 2008

Heartattack Habs

So like, my Habs totally nearly caused me to go into cardiac arrest during round one.

In fact, I seriously believe they were behind my recent hospitalization. Oh wait, no, that was my wrists fault.

Either way, I could believe it when the BOOuirns won Game 3. After all, we were in their house. It made sense. When we won Game 4, that also made sense. I mean, seriously, we've owned the BOOuirns over the past couple of seasons.

What I couldn't believe was when they came into our House and took Game 5. That was our House, our Ice. So not cool. In fact, I just about cried. Actually I did cry, but again, I am going to blame that on the broken-ness of my wrist.

Game 6 I knew was going to be tough, we were going into their House and unfortunately, the game wasn't backed with a Bosox game. (Is this a good time to mention I hate both the Bosox and the Bronx Bombers? Go Jays Go!) So the crowd was going to be pro-Boston. But Carey Price (aka Baby Sexy #1 for those who have been wondering WHO Baby Sexy #1 is, its THE PRICE IS RIGHT because he is clearly jail bait for me and my advanced age) rarely loses two in a row.

So when the boys came out with a lead and Carey made some incredible saves I thought we had it... and then we... we... we... we... LOST.

Fortunately, winning the East has its advantages - mainly Home Ice, so I knew we were heading home to the Bell Centre (not as good as the Forum, but that's a movie theatre now) and that the crowd would be rocking and rolling.

I will admit however, I expected the BOOuirns to put up more of a fight. I never expected to send them packing with their tails between their proverbial legs. Which we totally did, despite being out played for the first half of the game in my humble opinion, because Baby Sexy #1 rocked the hizzouse.

Bring on the Flyers!!!

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Ellie said...

I was a little surprised you guys couldn't finish off the Bruins sooner. Glad it was you though and not us! Pens have had a tough time against them all year...