Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Five, November 23

A list of favourites:

  1. Shoes
  2. Magazine
  3. Pajamas
  4. Song
  5. Cookies
Edit: Just coming back to look and I noticed Heather B.'s comment. I actually meant what is your favourite of each of those but just a random list of your favourite 5 things is a better idea. So tell us - what's your five favourite things in the whole wide world or what's your favourite of each on the list. Or answer both. It's a long weekend for some of us. Can you handle the extra workload? :P


Heather B. said...

1. Books
2. iPod
3. Flannel pajama pants
4. Ben and Jerry's Brownie Batter
5. Bicycle

CapsChick said...

I need structure, so I'm doing my fave of each on the list :P

1. Flip flops. Or slippers. I'm all about the comfort, otherwise I would have said my black spiky heels that I love but hurt like hell.
2. People or The Hockey News.
3. A raggedy t-shirt and my pajama pants with the big bleach stain on them from when I was cleaning the bathroom in them and wiped my hand on my leg.
4. ...I can't do that. I have many, many favorite songs and it changes weekly :D
5. Oreos - best...cookie...ever.

Heather B. said...

I need structure, so I'm doing my fave of each on the list :P

Forget you and your structure! Ha! Sorry, I did it incorrectly, HG - Here's a corrected version as well:

1. Bare feet
2. Entertainment Weekly
3. Flannel pajama pants, huge old Sabres t-shirt
4. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2
5. Peanut butter

HG said...

1. Blundstones
2. Real Simple
3. Dion shirt and shorts
4. "A Thousand Tiny Pieces" by The Be Good Tanyas is the most played song in my iTunes so that one?
5. I don't really like cookies except Wagamama's peanut butter (right, Steph?).

And Heather - no worries! I liked it so here's 5 of mine: 1) Big wooly slippers, 2) Cross-stitch bag, 3) My winter coat, 4) My blanket my grandma made and 5) Love.

Cat said...

1. I live in Skechers, honestly.
2. The Hockey News and National Geographic
3. Big flannel pj pants, and some random shirt. I have a nightie that I wear occasionally, if I feel like it or if my favorite pajama pants are dirty.
4. I honestly can't answer the favorite song question. I've been listening to The Weepies a lot lately, though.
5. Sugar cookies are awesome, as are oatmeal raisin.

Heather B. said...

Okay, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For is definitely favorite song 1a but 1b is Somebody to Love by Queen. I was feeling bad about that so I had to come add it.

Ellie said...

1. my silver glittery flip flops - stylish and comfy!
2. Yoga Journal and The Hockey News
3. Something warm...
4. Lately its been "Real World" by Matchbox Twenty, but mine changes too every so often!
5. Chocolate Chip

Shan said...


i lost mah chance 2 talk bout my fave shoes in teh world :( :( :(

Blitzen said...

1. a pair of black leather ankle boots
2. In Style
3. big hoodie and whatever pj bottoms are clean
4. depends on my mood
5. if it's sweet, it's my fav

Other Fsvs
1. number one favourite thing in the world (besides my spousal unit), sitting on my deck on a beautiful late afternoon/early evening in the summer drinking a glass of wine
2. late afternoon/early evening in the summer at the family farm in the Austrian alps doing the same thing but make that several glasses of wine (it gets second place 'cause the commute is so far).

Anonymous said...

1. Books
2. Flip Flops
3. iPod
4. THN
5. Hooded Sweat-Shirts

Jocelynn said...

1. Skechers ballet style flats. I have two pair that I wear all the time.

2. Interweave Knits

3. flannel

4. I think I don't have one at the moment.

5. chocolate chip with macademia nuts

Steph said...

1. Converse All-Stars . I know, I know, but I used to be a dumb indie kid and it stuck. They're so comfy! (The high-tops though low-tops are laaaame :P)

2. I don't even know anymore...weirdly I hardly ever read them.

3. Flannel pajama pants and some sort of shirt.

4. It varies but it's usually something the Alkaline Trio's done.

5. Pumpkin chocolate chip despite that they're VERY seasonal...but um, yes, those peanut butter cookies are a thing of beauty (HG, how am I going to get more next time I visit you now? :P)

Kirsten said...

Whoo! Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow countrywomen! (and men if such exist in this comment space)

1.) Bare feet, but I did just get some awesome new Naughty Monkey shoes that I'm in love with. I'm also a huge fan of flip flops. I have MANY, MANY colors.
2.) Backpacker, THN, Outdoor
3.)I have these really awesome and well-worn snowflake pajama bottoms and just a random t-shirt.
4.) Yeah there is no way I have just one. 5,000 maybe, but not one.
5.) Pumpkin cookies!
And Heather B style...iPod, snowboard, for now my raincoat...until I go back to a place with reasonable weather, winter, and sports

KMS2 said...

Just got back in town!

1. Flip Flops.
Favorite dress shoes by Linea them.
2. Right now it's Cooking Light but for awhile it was Kiplingers.
3. Sweatpants and a shirt. Or as my BF likes to call it, "Sweatpants Betty" (no offense to anyone named Betty)
4. Too one favorite.
5. Cream cheese cutout cookies that I make every Xmas season. I also love "Keebler Elves Soft Batch Chocolate Chip" cookies

Isleschick said...

1. Right now my Uggs.. don't hate me but my feel are always cold!
2. US/People/OK!
3. Flannels
4. Song is really hard..
5. Right now those Golden Oreos.

HG said...

Steph: I'll find some replacement ones here. I'm sure I can. It's my new mission.

Nadine said...

1. Any pair of my "tall" boots, so that I achieve average height.

2. THN or People en EspaƱol

3. My XL-sized BC T-shirt. (That's Bridgewater College of Virginia, not Boston College...but we're the Eagles as well.)

4. Right now, I'll go with "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen. (RIP Freddie Mercury)

5. Chocolate chocolate chip

Kerriberry7228 said...

1. Sneakers, preferably Skechers. It's about comfort! Flip flops, too, but only when it's hot.
2. Cosmo or People
3. Flannel red pants and a huge blue t-shirt that I 'keep forgetting to return' to my boyfriend.
4. Well, today, it's "Piece of Me" by Britney Spears. I. Love. Britney. This will probably change by morning, though.
5. My Mom's homemade oatmeal. Gotta be my mom's, lol.

Anonymous said...

1. Polarfleece
2. Magazines
3. Sequins
4. Cranberry or peppermint flavored anything
5. Tall ships


1. Birkenstocks. Welcome to Oregon, suckas.
2. BITCH, BUST and the Hockey News
3.Flannel PJ bottoms with moose, Caps Training Camp tshirt
4. "King of Spain" Moxy Fruvous or "Oh, Canada" Five Iron Frenzy.
5. Those lardy over-frostinged ones from Albertsons at home

leanne said...

1. Merrell anything... to the point where I bought a pair of Trail Frogs well before my first pair wears out
2. Magazine? I'm guessing stuff like Science or Nature doesn't count... it's not really for fun anyways. Er. I liked Jane while it was still being published...
3. Big baggy t-shirts which are ready to fall apart...
4. This specific version of Autumn's Here by Hawksley Workman.
5. Yes.