Friday, November 23, 2007

Weekly Topic: Hockey in strange places

Considering the last non-topical weekly challenge went fairly well, I wanted to continue with another one.

Anyway several months ago, I'm at a concert. A girl is holding a little bag with the Phlyers logo. My jaw almost hits the ground. Either a) the girl is really wanting to not get laid that night or b) I need to leave the concert before I pledge my allegiance to Simon Gagne or something. So it really hits me sometimes I do see hockey or a hint of hockey that makes my heart leap. Everyday I tell myself I'll probably hug anyone who wears something Habs-related, only to realise I missed one a week ago.

Either way, when was the last time you saw something hockey in a strange place?

Anyway on other things - my internets died in the Jordi HLOG central. With my cell as my only form of contact to the NHL, Sidney Crosby still wont return my calls.

And on Jordi skate day, it's 2 down, 10 more to go. Another shitty session shortened by the sudden arrival of annoying school classes. I wanted to take them all down off the ice. And oh yeah, I still suck.


Shan said...

I don't know, I never thought that there'd be a strange place to see something hockey-related. Unless I was in Karachi or Phoenix or something.

HabsFan29 said...

hockey in strange places, hmmmm. Versus?

in Montreal it's strange not to see hockey somewhere.

Sherry said...

Maybe Sidney isn't returning your calls for fear that you'll make good on your death threats :P

leanne said...

When I was backpacking in the UK during the lockout year, feeds of the World Hockey Championships (* where hockey was actually called "North American Ice Hockey" or some such) were guaranteed to filter out Canadians and Northern USians from everyone else.

First game I saw over there was almost as soon as I got off the plane (we won). I was alone in a pub (with my friend who was showing me around) with a guy from Montreal.

Jordi said...

Oh come on guys, you're killing me here! It was a great topic in my mind. Thanks a lot assholes.

Nadine said...

Jordi: I can't think of a strange place for viewing something hockey-related in Philadelphia right now.

The sports sitch here is that Hockey is the only one where our teams consistently win...Flyers or Phantoms.

The Eagles can't seem to win if their collective lives depended on it, and the Sixers are problematic as well.

Although it's not like I really have time or room in my heart for any other sport!

jmuhockeyfan said...

Not sure if I'm allowed to post without being a member, but I went into Walmart and there was a hockey game playing on every TV in the electronics department. In New England or Canada, this wouldn't be that weird, but I live in the southern US. I stopped and my jaw hit the ground; the guy walking behind me ran smack into me. It was highlights from the Bruins-Sabres game a while back, I think.

Dayna said...

I live in Ontario so hockey is pretty much everywhere but oddly my profs keep dropping hockey references everywhere. It's not unusual to find hockey fans everywhere around here, but it is a little odd to hear a habs reference or a debate about Emery in the middle of a lecture on English lit.