Sunday, November 25, 2007

Paris, France

Let me take a stab at this.

It's not strange to see something hockey related here in New York. Although Yankees hats may be a bit more prevalent, there are enough hockey teams around that you’re bound to see a Ranger, Islander, or Devil symbol hanging around somewhere.

When I took a trip a couple months ago to Paris, London, and Dublin, I was quite concerned about leaving while the Rangers were in the midst of a playoff run. Thanks to Chris Drury (oh, the irony), I didn’t have much to worry about. They were out before I left.

Anyway, I went to the Louvre on my second day in Paris. (I think I cried stepping into that building, lol. Forgive me; I enjoy art and am a history major.) I wore a Ranger shirt with Jagr’s name on the back. I needed to dress casual considering the amount of walking I was doing… and quite honestly, all I own is Ranger tee’s. I was in this long hall of early Renaissance portraits (heading towards the Mona Lisa) when I heard from behind me “Jagr Sucks.”

Who the hell in Paris is telling me that Jaromir Jagr sucks? I was used to suffering through desperate attempts to understand small bits of French and English accents that clearly I was not used too, but this guy sounded like he was a native North American. I whipped around to see this red-haired tall dude with a Calgary Flames t-shirt on and grin on his face. I grinned back. ”No, you…” I started, ready to comment on the Flames early exit from the playoffs, but he was already walking the other way.


As a side note, I didn’t make it to “The Great Canadian,” a Canadian Pub in Paris, but I was told rumors that they were playing the Stanley Cup Finals there. (I had to resort to emails letting me know who was winning the series.)

My Strangest Place for a Hockey Sighting? The Lourve, Paris, France. :-)


KMS2 said...

Haha, that's awesome! Next time I'm in a foreign country I am definitely going to wear hockey related apparel.

Jordi said...

I should save mine for a different post but this isn't hockeyish. At work I wore a U Michigan jumper and a customer just stared at it as if he were getting pretty too excited for a jumper. He eventually blurted out "That's the Michigan one right?". I thought he'd pee his pants from excitement.