Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mini SoCal HLOG Convention

Two posts in a row? I know, I'm such an attention whore.

Last night I finally met another HLOGer. Actually, I met two: Finny and Cassie. Several weeks ago Finny emailed me and asked if I was going to the Kings v. Minnesota game because for some unknown reason she was going (I guess she's just that dedicated to hockey!). Unfortunately I didn't go to the game but we soon found out that we would both be at the Kings v. Oilers game. She gave me her number in case I wanted to meet up and the day of the game I emailed her my number and suggested we meet up during warm-up behind the Oilers bench, since I figured it would be less crowded than near the Kings bench and I assumed she would want to ogle Penner. I mentioned that I was tempted to make a sign, something along the lines of:

"PENNERSQUEE, you're overrated!"
"PENNERSQUEE, you're a sellout!!"
"PENNERSQUEE, you're not worth the money!"

But I was worried that (a) my signs would never be able to live up to those that Heather made for her Sabres and (b) people might think that I was defending Anaheim...and that just could not happen.

Finny immediately called me and of course I missed the call. Her voicemail went something like this:

"Hey, umm, so I don't actually know your name!"

She also mentioned something about making signs, meeting up, and giving her a call. I went to Hockey and High Heels and as soon as it was over I called Finny to find out where we should meet. To my delight, Finny and Cassie were watching the warm-up near the Oilers bench. It was great to finally meet them and I had a blast for the 5-10 minutes that we hung out next to the ice shouting, "PENNER!!!!" everytime he skated by us. The first thing I noticed when I saw the Oilers was the size of Penner. Holy Hell, that guy is HUGE!!!!!! I literally could not get over it. Every couple minutes or so I would say softly, "He is huge! He is enormous! How big is he?" He was one of a few guys not wearing a helmet during warm-ups which also helped make him stand out more. I wish he had his mountain man beard because I think he looks even better with all of that scruff.

The first thing Cassie said to me when I moved to stand next to her was, "Oh wow, you're shorter than Finny!" Yes, I am. In fact, when I bought a pretzel during the second intermission, the guy serving me kept trying to make jokes which I never got because I couldn't really hear him and he finally asked, "How tall are you?" and when I told him I asked, "How tall are you?" Seriously, people....WTF?! Why does it matter that I'm really short? Have you honestly never seen a petite lady? I'm not a midget...but I am short, but there are plenty of people out there who are shorter than I am.

Finny and Cassie are a hilarious pair. They told me some great stories of spotting Ducks players around the Orange County beach areas. It was too bad that I couldn't experience an entire hockey game with them because I can only imagine how much fun they have watching hockey together. No offense to ckim, it is fun to watch her shout, "YOU FUCKER!!" amidst a surprisingly quiet crowd and watch people turn around to see who shouted it, but I couldn't stop laughing at Finny and Cassie when they were talking about Penner. He finally looked over at us near the end of the warm-up and we completely cracked up in a fit of laughter. Here's a pic of Penner bending over.

oh yeah, check out that mean, those hockey pants.

Unfortunately, we never got a pic of the three of us but I'm sure we'll meet up again.


Steph said...

Um, THREE of you, watching the Oilers, and no one has a single Hemsky story for me? I'm disappointed :(

Sounds like a good time though, hope you get the chance to do it again! (I can only imagine watching a game with Finny would be hilarious).

KMS2 said...

come to think of it I don't Hemsky was mentioned once while I was watching warm-ups with them...sorry, Steph! He did get a sweet shootout goal tonight so I bet Finny and Cassie aren't too happy with him right now.

Steph said...

I'll forgive you this time. Especially since it sounds like you were harassing everyone you guys did see in warmups :P Poor Hemmer probably got off easy.

Sasky said...

How tall are you?

I'm 5 foot flat.

Interchangeable Parts said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time! Aren't the wonders of the internet great? Meeting up with people who's names you don't know and then instantly having the best time ever? It's fantastic!

(And it's probably a good idea not to try and top Heather's mad skillz at sign making. She's a sign-making demon!)

KMS2 said...

Sasky, I'm actually between 4'-10" and 4'-11" but I just say 4'-11". My brother is actually 5'-11" so I don't know what the hell happened there!

She's a sign-making demon

Seriously! Those signs were amazing with even pictures!

you were harassing everyone you guys did see in warmups

Yeah we did...Cassie was pissed that Moreau was injured, I was pissed that Souray was injured, and we agreed that Staios is quite the looker. Oh, and Lisa Ovens (the author) HATES Torres. It was really funny to see her talk about her hatred for that man.

Tracy said...

You guys suck... I'm so close to California it's ridiculous. You're all fired as friends. :(

Steph said...

Aww you know what, just because you guys said nice things about Stevie Staios I'll forgive you for no good Hemmer gossip. Look how nice I am!

Jordi said...


Finny said...


yes... yes, I am available for everyone's viewing enhancement. that sounds wrong, somehow...

I don't remember what was said about Hemsky... of course, I was a little preoccupied.

But... Cassie did point out that I am taller than SOMEONE in the world!!! It's okay, kms2, us shorties rule. In case anyone's wondering, I'm halfway between 5'0" and 5'1" but I say 5'1" in order to sound taller.

no, I'm not happy w/ the oil kids or ales--but i'm more unhappy w/ my own squad.

omg. staois is so dang hot, I took pics of him. See the slideshow on my blog (coming your way in like 15 minutes)

Anonymous said...

I had a blast. I only said the short comment, cause I can never find anyone shorter than Finny. Believe it or not, but I am the next shortest in our group and I am 5'6".

Still mad that Moreau was down here for my viewing pleasure, but Penner was just as good to look at.