Sunday, October 28, 2007

So, How About Those Sharks?

Well, they suck, apparently. After starting the season winning every other game, they finally won two in a row followed by two losses in a row. The games they have won have not been all that convincing and Friday's loss to Detroit was just painful to watch. I watched my sister physically cringing into herself with each goal against.

The results of the season so far bring up some interesting questions. The superstitious among us might ask if they have been jinxed by preseason Stanley Cup winning predictions (I'm not one of those). Others tweak that just a bit with the idea that the culture of the team is to be underdogs and they can't handle the pressure of being front runners (I don't buy that, either). Still others think the team just does not have the heart which leads to the biggest question: Will it get worse? I fear the answer to that, though my inner optimist believes they do have heart and will get it together soon. This is not the first time they've had a slow start, after all.

In the meantime, I am considering getting Center Ice again this year, so I can see some decent hockey.

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Blitzen said...

That was Ottawa last year. A bit of hardship is good for a team. The Sharks are my second favourite team (since they have drafted so many of our Ottawa 67s). Have faith - it will get better.

Cat said...

Well, the Sharks beat the Stars tonight. I was in pain. Damn it.

Sasky said...

The sharks aren't so much jinxed from pre season predictions but lazy and along for the ride because of pre season predictions.

I <3 them. They're one of my teams.

It pains me though.