Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Five, October 12th

  1. What movie (good or bad) will you stop and watch on TV? (she asks as Crocodile Dundee 2 on in the background...)
  2. How long have you driven/rode on a road trip?
  3. Fuzzy slippers or warm socks?
  4. Do you iron clothes?
  5. Favourite part of being done work for the week?


Anonymous said...

1. Legally Blonde. I don't even know... I don't really ask. I'll also stop and watch the Patriot, but atha can be chalked up to history geektitude.

2.Recently, 10 hours, 1 stop for gas, from Hburg PA to Mystic, CT.

3. The socks, if pressed. I tend to wander around barefoot year round and just let my toes freeze off.

4. HAHAHAH! I will admit that I like ironing, though.

5.Wait, there's a 'done' switch for homework? (Sleeping in, probably)

Anonymous said...

1. Pretty Woman
2. 16 hours in the car...sucked
3. warm socks
4. nope
5. knowing I'm going to a hockey game Sunday!

KMS2 said...

1. Zoolander. LOVE that movie.

2. 16 hours. St. Louis, Missouri to Tampa Bay, Florida so we could hop on a cruise ship for Spring Break. Thankfully I never had to drive.

3. Fuzzy slippers!! But in the winter, warm socks AND fuzzy slippers.

4. Yes. I just can't justify paying the dry cleaners to iron them.

5. Duckfan: Me too! Kings v. Red Wings (praying we don't get blown out!)

leanne said...

1. Most movies, actually.
2. Nothing recently, though driving from Calgary to Vancouver is a 10 hour trip I'm pretty used to. There was this trip once to Sylvan Lake which ended up being a 10 hour odyssey which took us through the Columbia Icefields and Banff...long story.
3. Yes! Though I tend to forget my slippers and default to socks. MEC makes these amazing fleece ones...
4. Sometimes. Though I'd rather hang things on my bathroom door and let them steam out.
5. Show me a week when I'm done work, and I'll show you a computer geek that's unemployed... that said, I do love the sensation of not working Friday nights (a older, wiser friend once told me I should always leave a night every week completely free, and....he was right.)

Kirsten said...

1.) Super Troopers. I LOVE that movie.
2.) Over winter break I drove from Edmonton to Vancouver, at night, in the snow. I have no idea how long it really was, but it seemed like forever.
3.) Neither if I can help it.
4.) Sometimes, depends on if I'm wearing those clothes on or off campus.
5.)Done for the week? What? My profs dump 4 times as much homework on us for the weekends as they do weekdays. Not having practice until 9 AM on Saturdays is nice...

Blitzen said...

1. none really - too busy to be captured by anything on TV
2. Longest roadtrip in one day - Edmonton - Calgary - Banff - Jasper - Hinton. Don't recall how many hours it took.
3. Warm socks
4. only the stuff that really needs to be ironed (really wrinkled shirts).
5. being done.

HabsFan29 said...

Is it a breach of etiquette if reader answers the Friday Five on this particular site? The FAQ does not address this issue. I'm in a good mood headed to the Habs home opener tomorrow, so I figure I'd give it a shot. WTF. Go ahead and delete if I have offended.

1. Star Trek II (KHAAAANNNN!!!!!). Very geeky answer I know, but boy I love that movie.

2. 3 days, Montreal to Florida, every year when I was a kid. Personally driven, only 8 hours to Pennsylvania.

3. Warm socks. Thermal socks are a necessity in Canada. I'm not kidding I have at least a dozen pairs.

4. I have ironed clothes in the past, but on a regular basis, no. Given I dont have an iron, its difficult.

5. The Friday night drinking (in my hand right now) without consequence to waking up the next day.

Thanks for indulging me!

Rinslet said...

1) Remember the Titans or Bring it On. I don't know. I've seen both movies millions of times and I just love them.

2) uhh ... 6-8 hours?

3) Fuzzy slippers!

4) My mom does... XD (iron clothes for us)

5) I can sleep a few more hours.

Nadine said...

1. Bend It Like Beckham.

2. Cumberland, MD to Wichita, KS as a child on the middle of the backseat between my brothers. (We did stop to stay in a hotel, but it was several days of "Mom, he's looking at me!")

3. Socks

4. Usually only if something manages to wrinkle while in the closet.

5. Not dealing with that stuff for two whole days. (And going to a hockey game this weekend! Yipee!)

Kerriberry7228 said...

1. Anything Disney! Or Miss Congeniality.

2.23 hours from NY to Flordia. It was in a trailor/camper thing, though, so it could have been worse.

3. Fuzzy slippers!

4. Haha hell no. That's what a dryer is for.

5. I love sleeping. Any extra hours are always welcome, and I need it after five 10 hour days plus homework in between.

Z4Dfense said...

hmmm Patriot Games or Hunt for Red October or Shawshank Redemption every thing else I can pass.

ouch 3 hours, SPA trip! with a good penny slot casino!

yummm warm socks, hate bare feet, but don't like static electricity from slipper slidin

Only if pressed...(pun intended)I love my dry cleaner

Hockey on the weekends w/ tail gating and time in the jacuzzi late at night w/ out having to get up early in the morning

Interchangeable Parts said...

What movie (good or bad) will you stop and watch on TV? Tonight we got sucked into "Drumline" for the umpteenth time, after having stayed up way too late two nights ago for the zillionth time for any movie on TCM starring Jack Lemmon. Another one we can't ever turn off is "The Princess Bride".

How long have you driven/rode on a road trip? We drove from Phoenix, AZ to Princeton, NJ when we moved back East. That's about 2500 miles, but we took a leisurely approach. (We're leaving Monday for a hockey road trip, though: Buffalo, then Pittsburgh, then back to Buffalo, then back to Jersey!)

Fuzzy slippers or warm socks? Fuzzy slippers. We both loathe wearing socks around the house.

Do you iron clothes? What is this "iron" of which you speak? Like Leanne and Kerriberry, we're all about using the dryer or bathroom-steaming tricks. Or we're all about wandering around looking like slobs in our wrinkled clothes.

Favourite part of being done work for the week? Friday naps! (Like the old ladies we are.)

McPhizzle said...

1) Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Teen Witch. That's right, Teen Witch. I know someone out there has to remember this one other than me...

2) I toured with a jazz group in College... we did everything by bus... I stopped counting hours.

3) my fuzzy Gopher slippers... Nothing keeps my tootsies toastier than Goldie.

4) If by iron you mean spritz the clothes with water and toss them in the dryer, then yes.

5) Driving home on Friday, knowing that I've got 2 mornings to sleep in!

kristin said...

1. Too many to name, but Drumline is on my list, as is Bend It Like Beckham. And, for some reason, The Family Stone.

2. family drove from CT to CA and back when I was in 4th grade. And thousands of times from CT to FL. And I personally have gone from CT to Atlanta and back and thousands of times from CT to Pittsburgh. No wonder I don't go anywhere anymore...

3. Socks even though they snag on the splinters in my hardwood floors!

4. I have a job which requires no ironing. The iron comes out only for funerals and weddings.

5. My work is never done!!! The cheese, it always needs cutting!!!

Elly said...

1. Dorky movie? 'While You Were Sleeping'. I don't know why.

2. FIFTEEN AND A HALF HOURS ON A BLASTED TRAIN TO DC. ARGH. On a more recent note, I just drove 11 hours to get to London, ON.

3. Socks, probably, but I used to have giant fuzzy moose slippers that I loved.

4. Oh god no.

5. That I'm done for the week, I guess. I travel a lot, so staying home for once is awfully nice.

Ellie said...

1. I just watched Drumline last night. Even DVRed it so I could watch the Pens game in the mean time lol...

2. I lived 8 hours away from school - those were some long rides back from break.

3. Both - My feet and hands are usually cold.

4. Only when I have to go on interviews.

5. The freakin' weekend baby - bout to have me some fun : )

Cat said...

1. What movie (good or bad) will you stop and watch on TV?
I have a serious love for bad movies, so I am way likely to watch any sort of crap that is thrown at me.

2. How long have you driven/rode on a road trip?
In one straight trip, 11 hours to St. Louis. In three days, though, I drove from Dallas to Houston to San Antonio and back to Dallas. That kind of killed me dead.

3. Fuzzy slippers or warm socks?
Fuzzy slippers. They're so cute.

4. Do you iron clothes?
If I have to, but I try to avoid it. I'll just throw clothes in the dryer for 20 minutes on fluff cycle to prevent ironing.

5. Favourite part of being done work for the week?
I am never done. During the week, I have tons of schoolwork (medical terminology is currently making me suffer a lot), and then I work weekends. It kind of sucks a LOT.