Friday, October 12, 2007

How Swede It Is - Sundin Surpasses Sittler

My apologies to those who already saw this post on my facebook. Ig nore if you wish.

I've been a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs as far back as I can remember. Despite coming from a Slovak family, which you'd think would be hockey mad, we weren't, except for yours truly. As a Leafs fan I have experienced some wonderful moments such as Lanny McDonald's game winner against the Islanders, Sittler's 10 point night, the Borshevsky goal. I have also gone through some unpleasant times for a hockey fan, the "C" ripped from Sittler's jersey, the Ballard years, no Russians allowed, the Ballard years, no one wanting to be the Leafs captain; it was considered a good year if the Leafs finished in 19th or 20th place instead of 21st, and did I mention the Ballard years?

Tonight I was lucky enough to witness a truly great moment in Leafs history, and Swedish hockey history. I know Canadians like to think we're alone in our passion for hockey, but with Sundin as their national captain, we'll have to share this with the Swedes.

About tonight's Isles/Leafs game, Stajan, Steen, Gamache and the D kicking in for goals without causing them were strong points. 4 points for Stajan is a just reward for his improved play. Even though it was overshadowed by Sundin's accomplishment tonight, some of us noticed. Well done.

I don't know who cried more - me or Mats. Everything you need to know was in his reaction, strong, silent, humble and appreciative. The only thing better would be for Sundin to beat Sittler's 10 points in a game.

My user name pays homage to Alexander Mogilny but Sundin is my favourite Leaf, and tonight will be on the list of my happiest Leafs memories.

Even so, I have this horrible stinking feeling Don Cherry does a rant on HNIC about how good ol' home boy Sittler's record was broken by an emotionless chicken Swede weakling who instead of jumping up and down and slapping his team mates' arses to celebrate properly, wiped away girlie tears.

Screw 'em Mats. You're the heart and soul of the Leafs and will be until you retire. Professionally and personally you've been a gentleman in this city; Toronto fans and media love to eat their young, and the fact you've survived 13 years in this market, 13 years without scandal or drama is testament to your inner strength.

Oh Captain, my Captain. Leafs fans, and the Swedes are truly appreciative of your skills.

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