Friday, October 12, 2007

Yay for hockey on the internet!

My folks caved and got the Centre Ice online package, and they even gave me the password! This means I get to watch hockey this season!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm so unbelievably excited to get to see as many games as my internet connection will allow(as opposed to last school year when I got to see three games, and I couldn't leave the TV because if I did, it would get usurped by a pack of football players)...I foresee a lot of suspensions of my internet privileges. I hope there aren't too many Wild games back to back to allow for the school to cool off and give me the internet back. Yippee!


McPhizzle said...

YAY!!! My parents bought Center Ice for me b/c they felt bad about me having to live on my own... so not only do I get to watch Hockey, but i can watch it whenever I want, wearing whatever I want.

God bless parents who love hockey, too!

Tracy said...

WE PLAY TONIGHT!!! You're going down... :)

...I hope.

Kirsten said...

McP-That's awesome! Yay for parents feeling bad for us.

Tracy-and I get to watch the game!
Pssh, not with the second line on fire... I'd have to say it's you that's going down. Unless Coach Gretzky uses his secret weapon which seems to happen to all of our new players skating past the bench and getting really distracted by the fact that it's WAYNE GRETZKY behind the bench. Note: this only seems to work once, so use it wisely.

Steph said...

I am so JEALOUS - stupid stupid Charter and their stupid lack of negotiation skills.

Kirsten said...

Man did that game get good in the second half of the third period.