Thursday, September 13, 2007

A side promise of myself.

I'm not afraid to say that I absolutely suck at skating. So much that I have little trouble posting photos of me sucking. So that's it boys, your shitty rink may own me over and over again but I'm not giving up. My friends tell me that some amateur lessons may be in order. Unfortunately, I'm giving the big finger to lessons and going to learn how to stop gravity from getting the better of me alone. I'm going to spend my days and shame by myself so you know - I'm that kid who's stubborn but secretly cries herself at night for her folly.

But can I stand it? My knees can only turn black and yellow so much. And I used to tell myself that my schedule could take it but social life and studies threatened me.

So here's what's up shitty rink and shitty ice and my shitty skating: everytime the Habs win, I go skating once a week. Of course the Habs play more than once a week - so I'll just save it for the next week. So I may end up skating the whole year, and I did consider making the deal with the Oilers instead but... They're Oilers. I'm very doubtful this will work, and I might take breaks. But you know, I'd like to be optimistic.

So what should I do? Am I just insane?


Shan said...

Hey Jordi, when you're in Toronto some time, would you like to go skating? It doesn't matter to me if you aren't good at it. Skating is fun.

Shan said...

And I extend that offer to any other hloggers. None of my friends really like to go skating unless we're playing hockey.