Monday, September 10, 2007

Ray Emery Has Anger Issues

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And this time it might cost him.

A 65-year-old Ottawa man says he's planning to sue Ottawa Senators goaltender Ray Emery over an alleged road rage incident this week, even though police have decided no charges will be laid.

Jean Therien said he was on his way to a workout at Scotiabank Place on Wednesday morning, when he and Emery simultaneously moved their vehicles from the right- to left-hand lanes in order to pass a car that was ahead of them.

Therien claims Emery then tried to run him into the ditch, eventually parking and exiting his vehicle near the arena before threatening him.

The altercation took place last week and after a police investigation, no charges were laid.

Perhaps I'm unfamiliar with this type of law but if it's not about the money than what is it about? I can imagine Therien would be hard-pressed to make a successful case against Emery if there were no charges filed by the police and he suffered no physical damages. So then, what exactly is he asking for compensation for?

That being said, it unnerves me a little bit that Emery has found a way to get into the media for something other than his playing. Ray, don't get me wrong, I love your rambunctiousness and the league could use more personalities like you. I'll even give you props for having the cajones to say that you won't apologize for something you're not actually sorry for. But come on, let's bring the focus back onto the ice shall we?


Jordi said...

Wasn't there already a knob hockey episode like this? Starting with "I'm gonna get in mah HUMMER!"

chanuck said...

Jean Therien must be a Leafs fan.

Either that or someone that spent too much time in the States and got the frivolous lawsuit in his blood. Something like getting a couple million for spilling coffee on himself.

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leanne said...

Is he going to ask every single one of us? Cool.

Meh, road rage happens every day (I'm looking at YOU, stupid GTA drivers! Um. Er...)... I see a guy who saw a local celebrity behaving badly who is trying to capitalize on that.