Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I apologize for the lateness of what I'm sure you were all waiting with bated breath for, but management had some minor issues in making this post happen - so you'll all have to bear with me not being quite as clever and entertaining as Jordi or CapsChick might have been.

So, after the roaring success that was HLOG movie night #1, we set about to top it this past Sunday. While it's arguable that the cheese factor of The Cutting Edge was hard to top, we had more people than last time (Tracy: "yeah... apparently we like mighty ducks more than cutting edge"). Which might help to explain why the first 8 (of an astonishing 80) pages of chat log happen before the movie even starts, and our attempts to end everyone up starting in the same place looked a little like this (so you all know what you're getting into, those who didn't show up yet):

CapsChick: where are we starting??

Steph: haha yeah where are we starting from?


Rinslet: where are we supposed to pause?

Teka: pause at the name, got it.


Jordi: NAME



Bethany: pause at emilio?


Tracy: i think this gets more difficult with more people.
Organization at its finest, in case you doubted.

Finally, though, we did get the movie started and at least most of us were in the same relative place (a fact we spent the first twenty or so minutes reaffirming). I'm going to trust that just about everyone out there knows the story of the Mighty Ducks and not rehash it. While some of us seemed to keep with the hockey spirit and point out things that were almost hockey-relevant (Jordi: "I'm probably the only one who recognise Moreau's number the same as Ethan Moreau's"), others were concerned with...well, other things (CapsChick: "JOSHUA JACKSON"; Sherry: "It's Pacey! He was so cute back then. So much potential gone to waste"; Steph: "haha what, not a fan of the Pacey hair?" Sherry: "Or the Pacey scruff. Or the Pacey-Pacey-ness."). Actually, as a matter of fact, Jordi, who also racked up a Pronger reference, and about a minimum of twenty or so outbursts of "ADAM BANKS" probably made more actual movie-related commentary than the lot of us, despite watching Mighty Ducks 2 instead.

While there were no proper "dirnking" games involved, a number of us did booze it up (which is probably sort of necessary for most people to get through the entirety of the movie at this point) - and we did try to convince Elly that Labatt's is more properly enjoyed with little frilly umbrellas sticking out of it. No word on whether or not this was successful (but we can hope).

Highlights included coining of the term almost as excellent to yell as the famed "TOEPICK" (Elly: "Oh man....I would love to see Ilya in net, smacking the ice with his stick and quacking in a Russian accent"; Teka: "What do ducks say in Russian?"; CapsChick: "Qvack. Qvack. Qvack."), Bethany abandoning the movie to find facebook applications like "vibrating hamster", yet another rocking soundtrack (Steph: "File this undersoundtracks I need to buy. No wait. Soundtracks I need to illegally acquire."), and generally comparing Adam Banks to every hockey player under the sun.

Overall, despite a decided lack of scrunchies, you can't go wrong with a classic and good times were had by all.

Stay tuned for the reshowing of The Cutting Edge sometime this weekend (help me out here someone?), and future showings of such classics as Slapshot, Miracle, and Mystery, Alaska.


Shmee said...

I would wrap Adam Banks' stick anytime.

KMS2 said...

Of all the comments in the world, I was not expecting Shmee's comment ;) I wonder what "Adam Banks" looks like now.

As for the next movie showing or a reshowing of the Cutting Edge, I vote for Sunday. Anyone else have a preference?

(CC, you forgot about the little punk wearing a sheriff's badge on his jacket.)

kristin said...

How about I just give you all my work schedule so you can continue to schedule these things when I have to work?

I'm not bitter at all. Or jealous.


Bitchany said...

Wow that was amazing. You are my hero.

Steph said...

Shmee, that just made me really happy. And Bethany, your hero, really? You're making me all warm and fuzzy (or maybe that's just part of the whole wearing a jersey when it's disgusting outside just because it's new thing I've got going on...hm.)

Shmee said...


Adam Banks aka Vincent Larusso. Be warned, he looks like Pete Doherty but with better teeth. And from googling him, I found out he is from my hometown in NJ. Then again, I found out his nickname is Compass Boy. Suddenly, not so cute.

KMS2 said...

Wow...now Adam Banks had potential. Eek, he took a couple falls off the ugly tree or was it the crack cocaine tree? Mike Comrie should introduce Hilary Duff to Adam Banks because the two of them could share tips on how to stay so slim and scary looking.

Tracy said...

Wow, Steph. Pretty nice, I like. :) I did notice a complete disregard of the movie by around the 30 minute mark. Except me... I'm a big dork and those stinkin Ducks kept dragging me in.

Shmee said...

KMS2: HA, HA! The ugly tree/cocaine tree. Pete Doherty is all over that.

CapsChick said...

kms2: Ah, I believe you are referring to the plaid arm of the law... ;)

Nice job, Steph! I think you captured the insanity that was that evening.

Steph said...

Thanks CC! I tried!