Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I could not believe the news at first; it was 9am and I had barely bought my coffee. Today has been a blur, and I found myself threatening to blow up the lecture theatre if some fucker didn't tell me it wasn't true. Yes the unthinkable has happened. Our Jussi has left the NHL in search of greener, more forgiving pastures. And while his fanbase may have been a small single digit number, we cheered like he had 30 million fans. I will miss him, and if he ever comes back I will sing his praises. However in response to Steph's ultimate question, I feel that if the cup had been won - Jussi may have still faced a similiar fate to now. He was never stellar, a bit of an underdog, but it's hard to say no to his happy face. He is a darling, but he always is a hit and miss kind of darling. Maybe not perfect for MacT's jumble sale of a team now.

Nonetheless in an attempt to cheer all of us sad fans up, here is a Jussi image fest, because you can never get enough of Juice.

Post continued (images) here.


Elly said...


Shmee said...


I loved you well while you were with us. We will miss you and remember you forever.

RIP (because now you are dead to me)


Tracy said...

You SO didn't have to do that spiffy picture memorial post on your stupid blog... make me all sappy and junk at work.

Steph said...

Way too sad. Still. Hold me, Jordi :(

Shan said...

The thing about Finnish goalies is that there is always room in your heart to give them more chances. I have no room in my heart for the likes of Ty Conklin. Call it racism if you will, but I will miss Jussi.

Jordi said...

It's because we all need a Jussi image fest Tracy! It's the proper way to send him off!