Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Cutting Edge - "good... movie... classic"

HLOG-gers getting ready for their fun night out.
(Seriously who is excited about the reunion?)

Nonetheless the HLOG night was a somewhat roaring success, who knew watching such a cheesy movie gave us so much joy? While we had a couple of false starts ("I'll refrain from saying lines 10 minutes before they come on" - Capschick), we soon recognised the olympic rink as the same one that hosted the HLOG Toronto convention with Steph, Sherry, Elly & HG.

Anyhoos we were treated to The Cutting Edge, a movie about a failed US hockey olympian who returns to his horrible town ("look - Pittsburgh" - Capschick) and is therefore rejected by stellar teams such as the Wings and Leafs after a career ending eye injury ("OH NO PRONGER" - Jordi). Oh and to aid him in his journey back into employment is Becky, a smart talking bee-atch figureskater who scares away more partners than she wins medals.

The highlights mostly included the beauty of several things: the soundtrack, the scrunchie, her eyebrows and the cries of "toepick!" ("Oh god let me reiterate how much I want the soundtrack" - Steph). There was one point where all we did was slam the keyboard with cries of "AHAHAHAHAHA".

Okay really, it was awesome. I can't recap the awesomeness that came from it. Our proposal to create musical harlequin romance books which played a cheesy guitar lick when you opened the cover, my dream to build the HLOG mansion (with money supplied from a 10 mil sugardaddy) and as well the drinking or "dirnking" games we undertook.

("Everyone will have to watch it again later to find out what it's really about" - Tracy)

Jordi's rating? Eh... I dunno? 3? 4? The end - ugh. You know. It's like listening to a Crosby interview or something.

Either way, you grumbling girls can get ready for the next gig. Mighty Ducks 1 at the same time on either a Sunday or Saturday - not this weekend since we're all a little busy (weekdays can be applied but it's gonna be a tight fit. I always assume weekends can be doable. Yes, cancel your date plans, your date will understand).

Viva la Charlie Conway!


CapsChick said...

Huh - I so did not refrain from saying lines before they came on.

(Elly and Ellie are going to beat me up for that P'burgh comment, you know...thanks Jordi. Thanks.)

KMS2 said...

I'm so sad I missed it! But that and The Mighty Ducks will be coming to me soon courtesy of Amazon. Who knew Best Buy and Target no longer carry those DVDs...I mean, I guess it's totally understandable that they would rather carry Open Water 2.

Steph said...

And here I promised I wouldn't say anything about the Pittsburgh comments - you can't blame me CC!

And just for the record, I still don't have the soundtrack. UNACCEPTABLE!

My video store is going to think I'm ridiculous. This, and now Mighty Ducks?

KMS2 said...

Steph, you sound like you're embarrassed to be watching these movies. I don't understand...they're such classics.

CapsChick said...

Uh, Steph - some of us work during the day.


Steph said...

Ouch, CC. Just tell the whole world that I'm a big huge bum sitting in her living room watching baseball reruns all afternoon why don't you? :P

Tracy said...

Ahh, that was great fun. I miss us already. Dirnking and SugarDaddies and Toepicks, O My! Ohhh! No one steal that, that's my blog plost headline when I get home. Haha!

Tracy said...

Oh and I am super excited about the Spice Girls reunion... shh. Don't tell! I wanna see if those broads have the same magic at 21 that they had at 13.

Anonymous said...

Okay, who in PA wants to actually meet up for the Mighty Ducks night?

kristin said...

Well I think I am the only other PA person, so you're stuck with me, Teka! Unless we can get interchangeable parts to join us over here too.

Where can we meet that has an internet connection? I can't actually talk face to face!

Hockey_Princess said...

If I can get the movie and the right night I will so be there for The Mighty Ducks. Sounds like you ladies had fun, and I am really gonna have to rent(or buy) The Cutting Edge, aren't I? lol

Elly said...

CC: I would say I'm surprised at you...but I'm not. ;)

Steph: Gasp! Traitor! Not telling me these important anti-Pittsburgh facts! The whole world turns against Pittsburgh...hiring Tom Fitzgerald...signing Ty Conklin.... *sob*

Steph said...

Look Elly, if I'd TOLD you I'd probably NEVER get that Cutting Edge soundtrack...and believe you me, it's worth it.

And you are so mean to poor Conks. What did he ever do to you? Hm? What!? Outside of, you know what...nevermind.