Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I take back what I said about Gaineyism

Due to my recent emotional trauma, caused by watching Angelo Esposito get passed up by the Habs at the #12 pick, I am totally forced to convert away from Gaineyism, and am currently left without a sports figure to worship. Maybe Eric Tillman or Kent Austin will leader the Riders to a Grey Cup Championship in November and I'll worship one of them briefly.

In fact, I am so highly traumatized that the only solution I could think of was to get extremely drunk with a bunch of 18 & 19 year olds. Which as we all know, is a solution for and cause of, all of life's problems.

I mean, sure his production dropped off without Radulov, but like, maybe he and Guy Latendresse would like, be good for each other? Put some more points on the board? We could kind of use some more goals.

So, I'm traumatized. Highly.

I actually cried. After dumping Ser-GAY's salary I truly hoped that Gainey had something up his sleeve.

He'd better pull off something huge in the off season, or I might actually pretend to cheer for the Laffs....


Sherry said...

Nothing is worth pretending to cheer for the Leafs, nothing.

Esposito has a lot of upside but his downside is pretty well documented too. I think Gainey realized that his team needs a bit more grit to it and the fact that a lot of the Habs' D will go to free agency soon, it would be time to shore up the blueline.

I did feel sorry for poor Espo and Cherepanov though. Espo landed a pretty sweet gig in Pittsburgh though.

Habcentric said...

Whoa...one cannot repudiate Gaineyism as though it were an ordinary religion! Gaineyism requires years of thoughtful study and meditation, culminating in the nirvana of a Stanley Cup parade!

I felt bad for Espo too, with all the cameras zooming in to document his moment of crushing devastation. But McDonagh is considered by some to be the best puck-moving D-man in the draft, and Timmins was drooling over him for years. And, if you put a hot skater against a solid defenceman, just about every time the D-man wins. So, I'll watch young Ryan's development with some hope. And I won't feel too bad for Espo when he gets a look at the linemates he'll have in Pittsburgh.

Jordi said...

Gainey must have a calendar a month slow cause boy we need changes and he ain't doing it. I'm already amazed he can get out of his house without a problem already.

Objectionable Conduct said...

Sherry: *cries* I know nothing is worth cheering for the Laffs... or every pretending to cheer for the Laffs.

I've been keeping an eye on Espo for the past couple of years, and seriously, I know we couldn't do as much with him as the Pens can, but.. butt... Baby Sexy #2.... I just can't get over it that easily.

Habcentric: I have been worshipping Habs GMs/Coaches/Players since I was just out of diapers. The last time I remember the Nirvana of a Stanley Cup parade was 1993 and I was too young to actually get to Montreal to see it. Now that I am old enough to go get wasted in Montreal I want it to happen NOW.

I don't feel sorry for Espo. I feel sorry for me, because I won't have him to look at.

Jordi: I KNOW. He better like, get Briere as a Free Agent to make up for this, because otherwise, I'm going to cry again, and the guys I know who play for the Habs hate it when I cry.