Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Creative Challege: Hollywood meets the NHL

(I know, I'm posting today like I have Tourette's)

So, I couldnt help but take Jordi's advice and make this into a full post. Cause, well....its damn funny. Make up some of your own and I am re-posting a couple I made up before:

1) Sheldon Souray and Carmen Electra. Because it would piss off that minor Baywatch Star he is off/on with and only Carmen Electra could match a guy who wears this. I mean, they match!
Ilya Kovalchuk and his non-celebrity
girlfriend. I think dude needs to meet
Meryl Streep.

2) Mike Comrie and Dina Lohan. Both sleazy. And I just have this feeling that Comrie looooves older women. I can just see him in a silk shirt and a gold chain, taking shots of Malibu with the Orange Oprah.

3) Mike Keenan and Dr. Ruth. Two words: anger management.

4) Ray Emery and Fergie. G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. And flossy.

5) Evgeni Malkin and Paris Hilton. See #10.

6) Ed Belfour and Tara Reid. I can just see the conversation now:

Ed: Tara, have you seen my Cialis?
Tara: Oops, I thought they were my Valtrex and I took them.

7) Mike Fisher and Britney Spears. He can show her the way to salvation, and she can show him her...well, I guess anyone can see that on PerezHilton.com. Maybe he can just buy her some underwear?

8) Sean Avery and Star Jones. A hot mess.

9) Mike Modano and ANYONE but Willa Ford. I would rather have Mike Modano marry a gorilla. At least they could have an intelligent conversation. Ca-ching! Folks, I'm here all week.

10) Dion Phaneuf and Lindsay Lohan. Because I can completely see her in one of those little red t-shirts, flashing the TV and screaming "Let me lick your stick Dion!" at the camera while promoting her newest movie that is targeted at 6-10 year olds.

11) And my favorite: Sidney Crosby and Pamela Anderson. They could be nice to pets together and go to PETA meetings (you know Sid has got to have some pet bunnies named Flora and Fauna at home) and Pam could teach Sid about girls. Yes Sid, girls. And no, Uncle Mario never has to know.


Bethany said...

Haha you are my hero...seriously.

CapsChick said...

Okay, Sid with the pet bunnies now officially goes down as the funniest image I have ever had in my head. Thank you. :)

Jordi said...

Emery and Fergie would be pretty retarded. But I can see what you're getting at. I just hope he doesn't end up slashing her and, like, kill her.

Love the Mike Comrie one. I feel like I should be getting a shirt or something like COMRIE + DINA LOHAN = LOVE. Plus they both love talking about themselves

Shmee said...

Jordi, I just wanted to use the word flossy. Just once, in a blog about hockey.

Ellie said...

Emery and Fergie had me laughing for a good ten minutes : ) god that would be too much!