Monday, June 25, 2007

New Creative Challenge: Does the NHL have a girlfriend?

Thanks to Shmee, we have a new idea for our creative challenge. Mostly because she wowed me over with:

"Rod Brind'Amour should date Carol Alt since they both love working out, and she can teach him some fashion sense so he never wears an outfit like that to the NHL awards again. Plus, that means she can dump Yashin, hopefully emotionally scarring him enough that he doesnt attempt to play hockey ever again"
So put your spin on the NHL celebrity gossip game, make it up a little. Or you could claim to be reporting on a secret relationship which would never happen but maybe would teach a couple of bastards a thing or two about having a heart.

Whenever you're ready.


Shmee said...

Ok, I have some more:

Mike Fisher and Britney Spears. He can show her the way to salvation, and she can show him her...well, I guess anyone can see that on Maybe he can just buy her some underwear?

Sean Avery and Star Jones. Just because that would be a hot mess.

Mike Modano and ANYONE but Willa Ford. I would rather have Mike Modano marry a gorilla. At least they could have an intelligent conversation. Ca-ching! Folks, I'm here all week.

Dion Phaneuf and Lindsay Lohan. Because I can completely see her in one of those little red t-shirts, flashing the TV and screaming "Let me lick your stick Dion!" at the camera while promoting her newest movie that is targeted at 6-10 year olds.

And my favorite: Sidney Crosby and Pamela Anderson. They could be nice to pets together and go to PETA meetings (you know Sid has got to have some pet bunnies named Flora and Fauna at home)but Pam could teach Sid about girls. Yes Sid, girls. And no, Uncle Mario never has to know.

Tracy said...

Let me lick your stick? Wow. That whore. I never did like her. I'm going to come up with one of these, promise. Give me some time to get the creative juices flowing.

Steph said...

I get a painful amount of hits at NPI for 'Rod Brind'Amour's girlfriend'....and I am not okay with this.

For some reason that just had to be thrown in here.