Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Five, May 11

Today shall be a day of the letter F. I declare it.

  1. What is your favourite flower?
  2. Would you rather float or fly?
  3. Who is your favourite furry animal?
  4. Flip flops or not?
  5. Flip a coin - heads or tails?
Have a fabulous Friday!


Bethany said...

1. Fave flower I think I am going to have to go with yellow roses with red tips...they are beautiful!

2. Fly for sure

3. Furry animal? A koala?

4. Flip flops for sure.

5. Heads

Interchangeable Parts said...

Another fantastic Friday Five! Fun!! (I'll cut to the chase because I'm running out of friendly, frothy f-words...)

1. My favorite flower is daffodil, because it's just about the only thing the deer don't eat in our yard. Pookie loves lilies.

2. Gotta go fly on this one. Pookie gets terribly seasick, so no floating for IPB.

3. In keeping with the letter of the day, my fave furry animal is my wonderful cat Favre. So cute! (Pookie will probably argue our other cat, Rollie, is her favorite. The two of them are co-dependent. But I'm the one answering, and Rollie doesn't like me, so she's not the one I'm picking.)

4. Not. My feet are (also in keeping with the letter of the day) fat and flat. The world doesn't need to see them in flip flops.

5. The only coin I could find in my desk is a Euro from an old boss's trip to Ireland and I don't know which way is heads and which way is tails. So to answer the question: both. Or neither.

Anonymous said...

1. Iris
2. Float. Boat, bathtub, whatever. If it's water, I'll be there.
3. Otter. See above.
4. FLIP FLOPS! as a northwesterner, I'm usually in sandals.
5. Tails!

Ellie said...

1. African violets - i have quite the collection!

2. Fly

3. A friend's dog - black lab

4. flip flops! in lots of different colors. currently i'm wearing purple

5. heads

leanne said...

1. Lilacs. Nothing smells more like spring
2. Float, I think, because I have this thing about heights. Flying wouldn't be useful.
3. Who is my favourite furry animal? Hm. So many ways to answer this, so few hockey players ;)
(Alright, alright, chipmunks!)
4. Not. What's wrong with bare feet? Or I prefer sports sandals for ease of hiking/walking around for hours and hours...
5. I drop the coin, it bounces off the table...and my computer eats it.

L, on a FRIDAY :P

magnolia_mer said...

1. Irises, followed by paperwhites.

2. Fly

3. The brown bunny that has taken up residence in my front yard these days.

4. I have some leather flip flops that I wore today.

5. Tails

KMS2 said...

1. Yellow rose
2. Float. I like the water.
3. Do penguins count? If not, kitties!!
4. Only if they're Reefs flip flops.
5. Doesn't matter, I always lose. (My coworkers and I flip quarters for sodas and the odd man out buys sodas. Needless to say, I've bought the most.)

hockeygirl said...

1. Tiger lily.

2. Hmm... I thought of them both being in the sky and not floating in water. Weird, huh? So... I don't know now.

3. My cat. And dog.

4. Flip flops.

5. Heads.

Jordi said...

1. Uh.... Roses?
2. Float man....
3. sheep. Baaaaaaaaaaaaa.
4. Nope.
5. You think I have that kind of money on me?

Rinslet said...

1. What is your favourite flower?
White roses! Jasmine, Lilies
2. Would you rather float or fly?
3. Who is your favourite furry animal?
4. Flip flops or not?
flip flops!
5. Flip a coin - heads or tails?

thehockeychick said...

1. Don't really have a favorite flower since I have black thumbs and manage to kill any flower in my posession.

2. Fly. I'd love to explore the globe from the air.

3. Doggies RULE!

4. Wearing flip flops right now... I love casual Fridays!

5. Tails baby!

Elly said...

1. Daisies and lilacs.

2. Fly, without a doubt.

3. Dogs and wolves. Nothing as cute as a little puppy (although baby rabbits come close)

4. Flip flops!

5. Heads

k.le said...

1. Some purpley orchid thing.
2. Float. I'm lazy.
3. Polar bears.
4. Yes, flip flops...please, every day, all the time. It's the best 3 bucks you can spend and it'll last you all summer.
5. Kinda lazy right now, so...tails, I'm going to say. I seem to usually get tails.

Steph said...

1. Uh...I actually have no clue. Something fun and bright colored :)

2. Fly, definitely!

3. Kittens!

4. Definitely flip-flops, I hate socks.

5. Uh, I'm much too lazy to find one right now. I tossed my cat on my bed and he landed on his feet, does that count as tails?

B_Washington said...

1. Tulips.. I have no idea why, and I'm a guy, i didn't put much thought in it.

2. fly.. if I can fly, i could fly over water

3. dogs

4. sure, why not. Better than barefeet

5. Heads. If you flip a coin 2,000 times ~995 will be tails, and ~1005 will be heads, because the heads side is slithly heavier, and more liekly to lan face-up. so heads is barely a better guess.

kristin said...

1. gladiola or rose
2. what is the difference? If I could fly, I think I could float! (I guess hg and I are on the same page with this one...we both thought air not water)
3. My cat is my favorite furry animal.
4. Flip flops = yes
5. tails

Anonymous said...

1. My fave flower is the tulip. I'm not a big flower person, since I work the Rose Parade every year

2. Fly

3. Dogs, cause the listen to you.

4. Flip Flops all the way. My fav shoe.

5. Tails.

Anonymous said...

1. My fave flower is the tulip. I'm not a big flower person, since I work the Rose Parade every year

2. Fly

3. Dogs, cause the listen to you.

4. Flip Flops all the way. My fav shoe.

5. Tails.

Paige said...

1. I love my pink roses!

2. Fly of course

3. Puppies... hehe

4. That's all I wear, I have at least a dozen pairs.

5. Heads, doesn't everyone?