Thursday, May 10, 2007


Some of you who watched the Ducks vs Canucks Game 5 might have noticed that Roberto Luongo didn't start in goal for the Canucks during the first overtime. The Ducks fans probably thought Luongo has thrown in the towel. Some Canucks fans probably thought the same, especially after that display of effort shown by the team in front of him. Some believed that it was indeed an equipment problem.

Others thought he had diarrhea.

Others were probably right.

Roberto Luongo revealed during the Canucks' locker room clean up that it wasn't an equipment problem that kept him from the beginning of the first overtime period. "It was an illness and nothing serious," he said. When asked if this illness involved using the bathroom, he replied by laughing a bit and saying "I don't know."



Steph said...

Ahaha that just made my morning (shut up it's not almost 2 you can't make me admit it!).

Little by little your team is winning me over much more than I'm comfortable with :b

Bethany said...

Haha poor Luongo...

Rinslet said...

I feel like I'm betraying Luongo by exposing this weakness......... *sob* Forgive me Bobby Lou!!!