Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Five, April 27

The last Friday of April. Whaaa?

  1. If you could ask anybody a random question, what would it be?
  2. If you were a pirate, what would your name be? (If you are stuck, click here. Thanks, Schnookie for the idea!)
  3. How many inside jokes do you have going right now?
  4. What is the last song you listened to (or that's playing as you do this)?
  5. What is the best part about going on a road trip?
Just a reminder, ladies, I do take suggestions for the Friday Five. Send yours!


CapsChick said...

1. I would ask President Bush if he has someone at the White House to help him pronounce the big words. No, really.

2. Is it sad that the only thing I can think of is Captain Clark? Just because of Chris Clark. I dunno. I'm tired. My brain hurts.

3. I'd have to say at least 15, at least two-thirds of which are probably with the same person.

4. "Dreaming of You" by the Corals, which then morphed into "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira. Don't judge.

5. Everyone in the car singing along to the radio/mp3 player/CD player at the top of their lungs. (Bon Jovi is great for that, as is REO Speedwagon or Journey...)

leanne said...

1. What's the silliest name for a colour of paint that you've ever used?
2. "Wench!"
3. Inside jokes... at least 10? Don't ask me to enumerate each one, 'cause they pop up everywhere I turn around
4. Temptation by the Tea Party
5. Knowing that there'll always be something new to see

hockeygirl said...

1. Why are you doing that?

2. Captain Insane-pants.

3. Uh... Waaaaaaaaaay too many. Does it count if they continue to grow upon themselves? Is that the same joke or is it separate? What about if they start to creep into other inside jokes with other people? Why the hell did I make up this question if I can't even answer it? Bah.

4. "Dice" by Finley Quaye.

5. Just knowing you are running away for a little while and nothing matters, just leaving everything behind you as you hit the open road, ready for anything. No planning. Just spontaneity.

Interchangeable Parts said...

1. We would ask the only thing we remember how to say from all our combined years of studying Russian in high school: "Is the boy really blind?" (Very useful phrase to know, right?)

2. Totally lamely, I just used a pirate-name generator online. Pookie is Sealegs Rose and I am Yardarm Eliza. I'm not sure if Pookie's cool with that, but I'm thrilled with my name...

3. Oh god. There are not numbers that count high enough to quantify the inside jokes we've got running, between the two of us and amongst our other friends. We've got running inside jokes that date back 15+ years.

4. I am currently listening to "Another Song For A Blue Guitar" by Red House Painters.

5. The best part about a road trip is that it's like a complete vacation. When you fly somewhere there's so much stress involved in the getting from Point A to Point B. But with a road trip, the vacation starts as soon as you pull those car doors closed. The getting there is as key to the fun of the trip as the destination. And to second CapsChick's answer, the best part of the getting there is the moment when everyone is singing along on the top of their lungs!

Bethany said...

1. Is there a real reason you are doing that?

2. Captain I really need to be more creative.

3. HAHA about joke.

4. "Josie" by Blink

4. Sing alongs, freeze outs, snacks, dancing crazy and have old people look at you, being with your closest friends, and getting lost :)

Finny said...

1. Shane O'Brien: "if I ask again, will you sign?" hahahahha

2. that's hard... can't I just be capt jack sparrow??? girl version?

3. too many.

4. I just listened to Sleek on podcast... that's not a song, but it's the last thing I remember listening to.

5. being totally random and having adventures everywhere.

hockeygirl said...

Anyone who was stuck on their pirate name, Schnookie inspired me to look up a generator.

Cap'n Yvette Roughknuckles

leanne said...

Finny: I stumbled upon "Sharkbait" Jade Sparrow using the ya go!

KMS2 said...

1. Did you just fart? (I have an obsession with poop/fart jokes)

2. Courtesy of the pirate name generator: Stinkin'Ramona Dread

3. A bunch of inside jokes

4. Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly. Even though I'm super petite and female, every time I listen to that song I want to drink a keg of beer and get into a fight!

5. Winning the Alphabet Game. Seriously, I'm f'ing good!

Jordi said...

1) Why won't you play with me?

2) I got Jen Snaggletooth but I'd prefer to be called Princess. Not really but ah, I dunno.

3) And inside joke is just a joke that neds to be spread. I dunno, who cares? I don't!

4) Um, um, um, OK Go's something. It was like... bah.

5)Are we there yet? I love the junk food :)

Anonymous said...

1. Depends on who i'm asking
2. Jumpin' Augusta Dawkins
3. Too many to count and most of them have to do with hockey or the players.
4. Pump the Jam
5. Bonding with your friends or family, as long as you're not arguing.

Objectionable Conduct said...

1) Sidney, are you gay?

2) Umm I got nothing.

3) Oh fuck, that is so not even funny. I couldn't count. I mean, I seriously have so many. I am totally weird that way.

4) Too Little, Too Late as I wrote my latest blog (wanna read? send me your email!)

5) Unless its sports sponsored, I've never been on one. I'm deprived, but highly athletic, I know.

kristin said...

justice...i miss reading your blog...i don't have your email address (it keeps bouncing back to me) but my email is

Bethany said...

Cap'n Aurora Swiftknife thats my pirate name

Meg said...

(wanna read? send me your email!)

How do we send you our email? I had you on my blog reader and had just assumed you hadn't been updating...

Steph said...

1. At the moment I am thinking I would ask my landlord if she is EVER IN HER OFFICE...but then again if I were asking I suppose I would have tracked her down.

2. I apparently have some anti-pirate thing. But the name generator tells me that apparently I am to be Ham Hands Jezebel.

3. I don't think I could hope to count them. I'm pretty sure the number I have with Elly alone is something obscene, let alone everyone else.

4. Something by Nick of the pretty ballady pianoy ones.

5. Making other people pay for your gas :b

The Acid Queen said...

1) "Chapstick?"

2) Queen Anne of Beaufort (history points to anyone who gets the reference)

3) A lot. Some of them are with myself.

4) "Cygnus X-1" by Rush.

5) Getting to see cool places and (hopefully) meet cool people.

Sherry said...

I'm a day late for this aren't I?

1. If you could ask anybody a random question, what would it be?
I'm curious as to people's music tastes so that's probably what i would ask. The 'who' can be anybody really.

2. If you were a pirate, what would your name be? (If you are stuck, click here. Thanks, Schnookie for the idea!)
According to the website: "Pirate Amora the Black"
I can dig that!

3. How many inside jokes do you have going right now?
Oh man, when you live with a house with 7 females who happen to be your best friends, they're bound to stack up.

4. What is the last song you listened to (or that's playing as you do this)?
"Sickbed" by Rainer Maria

5. What is the best part about going on a road trip?
Turning up the radio, opening the windows and screaming songs. Also, taking the scenic route and going into towns you never knew existed.

k.le said...

it's ok, sherry...i'm later

1. I'm not sure who I'd direct this question to, but I really want to know if aliens exist.
2. According to the generator, Pirate Madeline the Fruit. The fruit?
3. Probably a few per friend...although I can't think of any right now...haha...yeah, maybe I'm just hiding something
4. Smile by Lily Allen. I'm usually against swearing but she does it so adorably.
5. The "let's do whatever" factor that isn't present on structured trips with family. Also, ghetto karaoke with someone's ipod hooked up to the sound system.

Ellie said...

1. i like capschick question - can i ask him that too - he might not get it the first time around : )

2. beth cascade. oh wait that's my stage name...

3. a couple with my sorority sisters.

4. madonna's ray of light

5. all the cool views from the highway.