Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Day Without Hockey

OMG, it is just one day and I feel like it is a week. I had a bad day at work and nothing to look forward to in the afternoon/evening. This is why I love the first round best. All 16 teams have hope but more importantly, there are games every day! As the playoffs progress there are less and less games leading to an empty and hockeyless summer (not teaching summer school this summer, so it might be more tolerable than in years past...we shall see, DVDs of Footballers' Wives might help).

The Sharks are playing the Wings in this second round. It was either them or the Ducks. I wasn't sure whom I wanted the Sharks to play so I didn't think about it too much while the Dallas and Vancouver series played out. Either team is going to be difficult to beat, but I think I am looking forward to the Wings more than I would the Ducks. The Sharks have more of a playoff history versus the Wings and it should be exciting to see it renewed. I have to wait two more days, but at least there is hockey tomorrow.

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hockeygirl said...

Oooo! Footballers' Wives! :D I didn't know anyone stateside understood the awesomeness that the ladies of Earls Park bring to the world.

Jordi said...

obviously I'm missing out on something very important here.

Go Sharkies Go!

Jocelynn said...

Oh yes, I am addicted to that show. I even watch Footballers Wives Overtime, a half hour show that now, officially, has no footballers or their wives!

Jordi, it is a British drama about footballers wives and it is very bad, cheesy, naughty. I love it!