Friday, February 23, 2007

They Look Alike, in a Twisted, Messed Up Kind of Way

It is more difficult than I thought. Just bear with me on some of them.

Jason Pominville and Ryan Cabrera-
Thankfully, Jason Pominville does not look like this any more. That picture was taken when he was on our farm team, the Rochester Americans, but as soon as I saw that picture it reminded me of Ryan Cabrera. The hair is just so similar!

Danny Paille and Ashton Kutcher-
Okay, I know this one is a bit of a stretch, but I couldn't resist. Paille's favorite TV show is That 70's show and his hair looks like it came out of that show, so there it is. You have no idea how much I would like Danny Paille to look like Ashton Kutcher more.

Patrick Dempsey and Chris Drury- This one is quite shocking, and I actually can't take credit for it. Someone actually wrote into the Buffalo News stating this, and at first I didn't beleive it until I saw the pictures. Also, last night I was flipping between the game and Grey's Anatomy so I could really see the similarities.

Jaroslav Spacek and Fred Flinstone- Okay, okay, I know this one is sort of mean, but seriously, you see it don't you?! I've thought this since the begining- Spacek looks like a caveman, so to be nicer, I used the friendly, cheerful caveman, Mr. Flinstone!

Teppo Numminen and Antonio Banderas- I don't know why, but they look alike. It's especially weird because Antonio is Spanish and Teppo is Finnish. Maybe it's the hair, maybe it's the face, maybe it's something else, I don't know.

The sad part is that 3 out of the five I have are injured... Wow, that's pathetic. Also, I pray it doesn't turn out Drury has a concussion.


Heather B. said...

A friend was just telling me last night that Teppo reminds her of Antonio. Weird!

Margee said...

I think you are eerily accurate on every single one of these.

Spacek and Flintstone especially!

magnolia_mer said...
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Ellie said...

i could never get past ryan cabrera's hair....