Friday, February 23, 2007

Reason #348348923 Hockey is Awesome

You welcome, I think we just saved hockey.

You know what's maddening about this is of course the fact that I was this close to attending this game.

Thanks to Battle of Ontario here is the brilliance that was tonight's Ottawa vs. Buffalo's game. The first is the initial Drury hit from Neil and the one after is the melee that ensued:

Hockey's awesome! Rest of America, you have no idea what you're missing!

I'm betting Brian McGrattan spit out his beer from the press box and had to be restrained by the security people from jumping out onto the ice when all of this happened.


Jocelynn said...

OMG! I missed a goalie fight! I was watching that game, too, but changed it over to watch my Sharks, of course. That video was fabulous.

Heather B. said...

I responded on your blog already, Sherry but my official breakdown is this: While Neil's hit was a little late and from an angle that was behind Chris, it was more or less within the boundaries of the rule book. But I think Lindy was absolutely right to send the message that you can't take liberties with one of our best players who also happens to be our captain and heart and soul. Especially since we already have so many injuries and especially since the team has been criticized by other opponents for being soft. I didn't mention this before, but I also think that for Murray to say he had no idea something like that might happen is ridiculous. Based on the immediate reaction of Stafford and other players (before the whistle blew), Murray had to know the Sabres were pissed. For him to say otherwise is either really stupid or really naive. It probably wasn't the best time to have Spezza and Heatley on the ice.

Peters definitely went too far though.

kristin said...

Goalie fight!!

The best part was when it looked like Lindy was gonna start a coach fight!

Ellie said...

oh man - that was beautiful!

hockeygirl said...

I'm betting Brian McGrattan spit out his beer from the press box and had to be restrained by the security people from jumping out onto the ice when all of this happened.

I can SO see that! *G*

Paige said...

I was laughing and clapping the entire time, while thinking I was going to kill my friend for not bringing me to the game. This is pricless, and they say we arn't tough. And a 10 minute penalty is a great way to leave your mark on your first ever NHL game, Kaleta. I don't quite see how the Sabres ended up with all the penalties though.

Also, about the hit. I think it was dirty, and I also think that Drury's helmet was on correctley (Murray, I'm talking to you). It can't be an accident that our best player on the ice was the one who was "bumped" but whatever. This game fueled a rivalry that will last years to come.

I just want to also say how proud I am of how the Sabres stick up for their team. Marty, Mair, Kaleta, Stafford, nice job! Paul Gaustad would be proud. Even though Peters did cross the line.

Heather B. said...

Paige, I think the primary reason we ended up short-handed was because Mair and Peter took instigator penalties on top of the fighting and game misconduct penalties while the Senators did not. (Which is fair enough. They did instigate it. In this case, the instigator calls actually made sense.)

I think it was on another blog that I said this so excuse me if I'm repeating myself... While Dru's helmet came off with Neil's hit and not at the ice like Murray said, I do agree that many, many guys do not wear their helmets correctly and that probably does contribute to the severity of some injuries. I hate seeing all those loose chinstraps and for the record, if Timmy wears his strap like that when he comes back, I have every intention of climbing down on the ice and tightening it myself.

Shan said...

You've got to protect your goaltender, and the other Sens on the ice should be ashamed that they stood by while Emery took on a skater. Emery held his own though.

karen said...

I live for the Sabres but must comment on Emery and how he laughed through the entire looked like he hadn't had that much fun in a loooooooong time!