Tuesday, January 09, 2007

When I think of a very devout Jew...



Okay now that I've gotten over myself well I just thought of this guy. Because there had been a day where I read Rolling Stone's cover story on Sacha Baron Cohen. Despite his talent in portraying a twit, he is a devout Jew who will set aside everything for his religion - especially shabbat.

Of course for poor old Rubin, he's not a famous star and people won't bend over backwards for him. But maybe he can hope or create a compromise. I mentioned in a comment that he's not draft-material. GMs examine everything - from the child's environment to his play. So Rubin's basically gotta be an awesome player or else. O'Sullivan, the poor kid who will turn white at the sight of his abusive father, gained no sympathy from GMs as they were more than happy to pass over him in the first round - even when he was more than qualified.

*EDIT*: Had a brain fart and for some reason kept thinking he was a goalie. Of course he's not. I'm just too hopped up on happy pills and I'm OD-ing soon.


hockeygirl said...

Um, Jordi... He's a winger. Did you even read the post?


Sherry said...

Point taken Jordi but he's a forward. I think if he were a goalie it'd be entirely different since everybody wants a goalie and they're hard to come by. If he was a highly touted prospect and making waves at the junior level as a goalie then I think more teams would be willing to take a chance on him.

Jordi said...

Bwahhaa I'm such a nutcase. I for some reason kept thinking "GOOOALLIIIEEEEEE."

Jen Z said...

For a devout jew, Sacha makes a lot of jokes about the jews! Have you all seen Borat?!