Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Resolutions set late mean less time to break them

This year, the Flames as a collective will be resolving to not suck in overtime and especially in a shoot out.

Dion Phaneuf: This year I will work on taking shots from other locations not just the point. I will continue to knock guys over with my eyes of steel. Oh and I will realize that hockeygirl isn't insane, just insanely loyal.
Roman Hamrlik: I will work on getting my shooting percentage up from 5.4. I will also tell my D partner that hockeygirl isn't insane.
Marky Mark Giordano: I will break it down with the Funky Bunch more often.
Andrea Susan: I WILL play. I don't care if it's D or forward.
Jarome Iginla: I will fly away to my hideout and recuperate Superman style. Bryan Allen is NOT my kryptonite.
Byron Ritchie: I will continue to kick ass and take names in my cappy's absence.
Jeff Friesen: I will enjoy getting paid $1.6 million to get 3 assists in 32 games and take up valuable roster space. I would like to continue to infuriate Flames fans.
Matthew Lombardi: Hatcher, you suck. No really, Hatcher, you suck. I am going to get you and look good while doing it.
Chuck "Shazam" Kobasew: The ice is mine. All mine. I will cause havoc on my way from end to end and bowl you over. One day, I will score.
Kristian Huseliuseful: My weak chin doesn't stop me from having the softest hands on the ice. Watch for me to dipsy doodle my way to the teams best shot percentage.
Andrew Ference: I will save the Earth from global warming.
Jamie Lundmark: I am going to score and play really well and distance myself from Friesen. I have to get some goals. Jeez, 4 assists in 36 games is NOT cool. For now, I'll get by one my boyish good looks.
Darren McCarty: I really should retire. I'm too old but I need the money. Maybe my band Grinder can put out a good CD this year and sell millions of copies.
Jamie "Noodles" McLennan: I will get a haircut. Oh wait, I just did. Uh, I will like new bands and move on from my Nickleback obsession.
Miikka Kiprusoff: I will not suck in the shoot outs.
Baby Flames: Every time we get called up, we will be AWESOME.

hockeygirl: I will not stress out. I will not throw socks at the TV. I will not stalk. I will not go insane. I will not let out my inner PB. I will be the best Flames fan I can be.

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Finny said...

aww... insanely loyal... and aww... you will be the best flames fam you can be!!! you can, you can, you can!