Saturday, December 30, 2006

Introducing Self

Hello there, Readers. I am Jocelynn and I signed up for this blog because I saw that it was woefully lacking in Sharks fans. I have my own blog (I think it has about one reader) over at There is a not so great website there, with pictures. Ummm, also pictures of my knitting projects, in case you were wondering about the address. Yes, I knit at Sharks games. Not during play, of course, but during the boring intermissions.

Now, I need to get to the business of those assignments up there. I will start with the song one. But because I can't think of specific songs I am going to be very general; bands and types of music is what I will think of.

The above was posted before the Sharks 8-0 loss to the Coyotes last night. I shall conclude that whatever music they were listening to was not working and I'm just going to leave that one be. On to the coach assignment!

Ron Wilson is the coach of the Sharks. And my biggest criticism of him, that he sticks to certain arrangements long past the time it becomes obvious they are not working, is a tad alleviated today. Mark Bell was a healthy scratch in the game against Dallas! So were Matt Carle and Steve Bernier, but the one I had been waiting for was Bell. Not impressed with him at all so far.

The Sharks beat the Stars tonight, by the way. The next game is not until Thursday so I can only hope they won't forget the urgency last night's loss left them with. I just hope Black Thursday does not prove bad luck once again. I'll let Jess over at Sharks Hockey Odyssey explain about Black Thursday, for those not familiar.

Well, after rereading what I have written I think I should explain that I tend to veer all over the place when I write. Rewriting does not seem to help; it just sends me in other directions.

This is getting too long! I'll stop now. Happy New Year and all that.


Heather B. said...

From one veer-er to another, welcome! I know exactly what you mean - when I go back to edit I always think of more things to say!

Anyway, good to see some new faces!

Jocelynn said...

Thank you! Nice to be here.

Sherry said...

Welcome aboard!
Nice to see the Sharks get some representation as they are my second favourite team but you don't hear much about them in Ontario. Basically if you don't like the Leafs, you don't hear much about anybody else in Ontario :P

CapsChick said...

Welcome to the HLOG, Jocelynn!

Wow...we've got a lot of CA reps on this site, now - that's awesome! Who says you have to live in Canada to appreciate hockey?

Jordi said...

Welcome! Feel free to talk as long as you'd like about the Sharks! And don't forget to fill out the questionaire!

Margee said...

Welcome! And find out all the gossip on Jonathan Cheechoo you can. He pretty.

Jocelynn said...

Umm, where is the questionaire? I'll look.

LOL, regarding the Cheechoo comment. As of now, I know no gossip. Sorry!

Jordi said...

Just use mine and rework the questions and all. And most of all - have fun!

Sasky said...

Ahh I love the sharks! They're like number too. I'm an Ehrhoff girl. Love the Germans and Mark Smith.

It started though when they traded the JT (Bruins girl at heart).