Saturday, December 30, 2006

You Know What this Means!: Makeover! [Suicide!]

Brownie points for whoever can tell me where the title reference is from. You get nothing in particular except the knowledge that you are AWESOME.

All right, so as you can tell I've given this place a hauling over and semi-freaked out that I didn't really know how to work my magic on the new blogger HTML and template hoo-dicky. The first thing I thought of was "Oh man, there are alot of us" and "Why is our links list so flipping long?!"

But here it is, I apologize if you don't like it. If you don't, please feel free to tell me, I can take it. I most definitely would like some suggestions but I do warn you that my skills are supremely limited. If you don't like the header, I'm open to suggestions but since it has Marty Reasoner in it, I know most of you wouldn't object. I do ask for your chastising to be sent by e-mail rather than in public. Gotta let me have some pride.

If you've noticed that your blurb on the side is taken out, it means it's too long, and rather than put in "May Sell Drugs to Kids" for every. single. one., I'm just leaving you the responsibility of changing it yourself. Your names currently link to your introductory post rather than your original blogs and our own blogs have been given their own special section all their own, yay!

So that's all for the silly admin business. Again, if theres' anything else you'd like to see changed or added, please feel free to let me know. Happy travels!


CapsChick said...

Sherry, everything looks awesome - great job! (Want to come redesign my blog, too?)

Heather B. said...

Looks good, Sherry! As long as you keep the bit about Monopoly estates, I'm good. For some reason that cracks me up.

How exactly do we go about changing our little blurbs on the sidebar?

Heather B. said...

Never mind! Now that I've signed in and set up a Google account I can see the little editing tools. I'm assuming that'll do the trick.

Sherry said...

Hey ladies, I'm so glad you like the layout!

If you use the little editting tools it should work. It's a little bit silly how you do it but as soon as you see the tag linking your name to your profile, then you get start changing your little blurb on the sidebar.

Zanstorm said...

This site looks pretty sweet to me! Nice header!

E said...

wow, seems like everybody's getting a new look for the new year. i'm jealous. anyhow, looks great and lovely to see it up and running again.

on a side note, do y'all take topic requests from outsiders?

Jordi said...

e: hells yeah. Our hat of questions has been running dry.

And to echo everyone else; I LOVE YOU SHERRY! This is so beautiful.;.. *tear*

Reality Check said...

Hotshit to Godamn, the makeover is worthy of jealousy!

It's like going to sleep as Ugly Betty and waking up Jessica Alba.

The header itself is worthy of envy!

My 11 year old daughter, who I call Poke Check, scored the game winner today. She says Daddy, this site looks beautiful!

Maybe not for my site!

Dunno if you saw KK thank me for alerting them to your site, but I was happy for you guys and hoped the added attention did you good!

Now if only I could figure out a way to create such a suitable template for EOTP!

Heather said...

A) the design is purdy.
B) anyone who is ever bored of their designs only ever needs to give me a call; i get bored easily and like things that keep me out of trouble.
C) I added my blog to the HLOG blog list, because no one else had. Are y'all trying to tell me something? And also, I hope that I didn't wield my editing powers in a bad way when I done did that.

E said...

okily dokily, here's my request:

after jordi's komisarek post (hooray!) and cc's comments about laich, i've been thinking a lot about underrated players- you know, those guys who are important to the team's success (when they have it), but don't get much attention outside of the core fan base. so, my question to the ladies would be: talk about an underappreciated player on your team, somebody who isn't getting the love/respect they deserve. and, of course, why they're worthy of love/respect.

[oh, and i'm sorry if this has been done before- i tried reading through the archive from back in the day, but it's really long and i'm really lazy.]

Sherry said...

Okay to everyone...if I forgot your blog to the blog list i'm SO SUPER SORRY LIKE YOU WON'T BELIEVE. I was sort of doing everything while the television was on [the truth comes out eh] and might have missed a few things. Not that it's an excuse but again SUPER SORRY.

Also, I'm glad everybody likes the layout...but again SUPER SORRY. I feel awful, wasn't intentional I swear! And I never swear!

hockeygirl said...

So what you are saying is that you are sorry?

Nice work, my friend, looks good.

Heather B. said...

Oooh, oooh, I like e's suggestion! You know, for the record.

Loxy said...

Looks great!!

I love Marty so much.

k.le said...

haha, my blurb is shorter now...
I probably should have pared it down myself at some point.

Great job, Sherry. I like how clean it looks.

Finny said...

OOH LA LA!!!! damn, where have I been and how did I miss the makeover?! We should have received notices. Speaking of notices, 2007 is officially here. Guess I should start collecting those Q's for Ms. Martin, eh?

*hugs* pretty pretty work!!!!