Sunday, December 31, 2006

I'll Bring Sexy Back!

I don't think this one is as funny as the previously posted Sabres Delight, but I know there are some Marty lovers in the house so I thought I'd share it. Plus I'm really, really bored.

Marty and Millsy Get Haircuts

If you want a glimpse of the haircuts go here: Marty and Millsy. And yes, Ryan Miller getting a haircut was a big news story in Buffalo.

Margee, I'll be at the Sabres-Islanders game tomorrow. With an Islanders fan! (By the way, Timmy's skating and I've heard rumors that things are going well enough that they've set a target date of mid to late February for his return. Squeeee!)

This was probably addressed somewhere, but should we be labeling our own posts or is that an admin thing?


hockeygirl said...

Crap, that's funny. I STILL laugh at Hey Lindy... What, Marty?... Nothing... HAHA

As for labelling - I think you could probably do it. If we label them by our name and if it's weekly challenge or whatever. Any other thing could be like Sabres:Misc. Sherry and Jordi - yay or nay?

Sherry said...

Millsy looks about 5 years younger with the haircut. And I like it! I never dug the long hair look.

I love that that picture of Marty is of him cracking up. I think I love him.

Fine, I know I love him.

I think perhaps they could be two separate labels like: "sabres, misc." or something.

Heather B. said...

HG: I wish I could find the clip where they do the "Hey, Lindy... Nothing" thing about eight times before ending it with "Hey, Lindy... WHAT, Marty?!... I have to go to the bathroom." It sounds ridiculous, but it cracked me up.

Sherry: I think the haircut makes him look younger too (about 12), but I love it. I HATED the long hair. Allegedly, his aunt cut it for him over the holidays even though he wasn't particularly looking to get it cut so she must've felt the same way.

I don't like Marty's haircut as much, but he's so darn adorable it doesn't matter.

aquietgirl said...

The only man I could hockey-love on the Sabres is Briere. May he never grow into puberty.

Jordi said...

OH NO EVERYONE'S GETTING A BUZZ CUT! I swear I preferred Toskala's cute brown locks and he just chopped them off. But Marty's mullet - well that was something else. But hey, Smyth's mullet makes Edmonton news too!

But yeah, Marty has a habit of making anyone laugh.

AQG: AHAHAHA! Oh Briere just does not look like a father of several kids.

Margee said...

Marty's eyes are such that he could have a Kid'n'Play flat top and still be cute. Miller... needed the haircut.

Heather B.- you won against the Isles this time but... well, you'll probably win again, so I won't trash talk.

And Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, SportSquee's newly crowned Favorite Hockey Player Alive.