Tuesday, November 07, 2006

He acts, he paints, he writes poetry and music!

I'll do you one better than these Sens with balls or men big on musical theater.

My dear Hab can be two people. There's the doddering old relative with a great history but no one really cares about him anymore due to his tendency to cling to the glory of the past. But there's the more updated savvy Hab who probably owns a large company and spends his spare time doing extreme sports. Here is Viggo.

Hee. I had a major crush on this guy when I was younger. He was a phenomenal epitome of coolness. And allow me to demonstrate why this handsome young man has to do with the Habs.

Firstly he's a Habs fan, something I never knew and overlooked long ago. But he loves his sports, the Habs and Montreal being his second home and love. And to show his devotion as a Habs fan, he filmed A History of Violence in Toronto weaing his Habs cap and jerseys to work. His parting gift from the filmcrew was an autographed Leafs jersey, and he was gracious enough to take a picture with it on.

So if my Habs were just one guy, he'd be defiant and stick to his beliefs. But at the same time he finds compromise for the better sake of peace. He loves animals, especially horses. And he's a constant optimist. How many fans have continually yelled "This year's the year for our Cup!" and never gotten it. Yet every year they say the same thing. He's a guy who cares about the world, Viggo speaking out a lot on politics and er... Kovalev yelling at the ref a lot. And he sticks up for his friends on the ice and off the ice. Not to mention, he speaks many diferent languages.

Lastly this guy could possibly beat cancer and remain positive. He's a hard worker, a kind man and even though he hasn't won much lately, you respect him for it.

Contrary to better belief. The Montreal Canadien will not have slept with Paris Hilton.

In other news, the Habs beat the Oil. Gloating with "My team is better than your team" to follow.

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