Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Are Eagles Democrats or Republicans?

Introduce us to your team's mascot. Do you love or hate it?

Back when the Caps came to town in 1974, everything about the new team was patriotic. The colors were red, white and blue, the parking lot at the arena was divided into monuments, and of course the mascot was a slightly goofy looking eagle named Winger. (Who knew that eagles came in red, white and blue??)
The kitschiness of the '70s soon wore off and when the Caps moved into new digs in the heart of DC, they unveiled a new look and a new mascot - and so on November 17, 1995, a giant egg hatched at center ice...

...and thus was born Slapshot the Eagle.

Slicker and with more attitude than his predecessor, Slapshot soon developed a penchant for soaring down out of the rafters and trying to eat the heads of opposing fans in the stands. Of late he has become renowned for his own brand of daredevil mayhem, starring in a series of 'Slapjack' clips that are featured during TV timeouts.

Like 'Jackass'...get it? So clever.

Slapshot is also the reigning DC champion of the all-bird mascot tournament, held last year between the Baltimore Orioles' Bird, Screech the Nationals eagle, and American University's Clawed. Not that it was ever really a fair fight - he's one bad dude, our Slapshot (plus have you seen Screech? Never met a donut he didn't like, I'm sure...)

I don't really consider myself a fan of Slapshot, but it's nothing personal - I just have a fear and distrust of people dressing up in big costumes...mascots, clowns, the characters at a theme park. All of them give me the creeps.

Plus I hate birds.


Ryan said...

The Oilers don't have a mascot.
Mascots are for amateur hour.
Oilers are the real deal.
Tonight's play renders my previous statement moot.

aquietgirl said...

0 shots in the first period?

For real?

Sherry said...

Well, he's no Colbeagle but he's not terrible I guess :P

Jordi said...

Screech is just waiting for winter to pass so he can lay eggs for future Screechlings. I think.

Rebecca said...

Aw, Screech is pregnant? I had no idea! Who knew the Nationals had a hermaphrodite mascot...

Jordi said...

Either that or the donuts thing.