Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Crap it's getting crowded

Who woulda thought that there were that many teams in the NHL? Nonetheless thanks to everyone's awesome promoting skills, especially Sherry who plugged us on a major board and for helping us ladies represent. Additionally Acid Queen & JK have decided to tell us more about the Canes & Canucks.

But I want to toss up some things to think about this blog to you guys since the list is constantly extending. So this post is going to replace the email link for joining just so people can get a general lowdown on joining the hlog.

  • Right now I'm letting in almost anyone. So to tone down my invite happy excitement, maybe we should set down some rules. How about 2 people per team and extra members will be invite only/send in your email and we'll think about it? And when we fill up at least one from every league we can tighten the strings a little. I don't think we have to completely worry about dividing the blog since I know everyone will always have periods of inactivity (I mean Friends was popular but Joey was a bomb. We don't want to suck that much do we?). And as well I don't want to make it sound cliquey, so I don't want people thinking to get in this blog you need to be a friend of a friend. If you have a friend who wants to say, speak for the Oilers but we got three writers already, she'll be subject to the same rules.
  • Poster inactivity limit? Well everyone's posting regularly (yay) but if anyone joins and drops off the face of the earth, will it be fit to remove them? In that case maybe a post once a month at least to say you're alive. There are many people here who have their own blogs so it is understandable if they can't keep up with blogging twice. And you're free to say "I'm going to be moving house/away on a trip etc". Since I'm possibly going to post less starting on the 14th of November. This is just a heads up. I'll be back in my regular groove at January next year. But I'll be in Montreal from the 24th so like, who knows.
Apart from that important note, I just want to make this the "hlog for dummies(z?)" post that everyone can read if they're interested in contributing. Please read the following before you drop me an email before joining. It'll save me the trouble of repeating myself. Though the bottom few don't really matter.
  • What is the hlog?
    It's the Hockey Log. Though more importantly it's an all ladies group blog with light comedy and making each other feel comfortable for saying they have crushes on toothless men. That aside, there's a lot of male hockey bloggers and there are a good amount of female hockey bloggers too. But we're having a tough time finding each other and we're getting drowned out. So now that I made an excuse, everyone needs to band together and tell people we're interesting and we like sports. And no this is not a singles dating profile.
  • I want to join but I don't have a blog.
    You don't need to really have a blog, it's just familiarity with the written text. It's the same rules that everyone has when you enter a possibly slightly anal forum about grammar and appropriateness. Don't tell the christians you screw the pope, so don't tell us fans that you screw Bettman. Nonetheless no one is muted in this blog, you are free to state your opinion. But there is a very nicely painted line between trolling and civil arguments.
  • Okay what do I do when I join?
    I'll firstly add your name to the sidebar and make you an admin when you join. That means that the default description says "May Sell Drugs to Kids." under your name but you are free to tell everyone that you're not in the market for narcotics. Additionally everyone has that Questionnaire that they join which is afterwards made their Profile and linked on the sidebar. For examples click on any on the side or mine.
  • So you guys are like... new wave feminism?
    Maybe. I don't know. I'll have to get back to you on that. We're just a bunch of girls who want to watch sports and talk about it. Deal with it.
  • There's a strong anti-Leaf/team bias here.
    Some teams aren't represented here much and it's just life. There are forum goers and many fans but you can't help it that we can't have the right balance. That's not really the point of this blog. We're just here to chat. If you want blogs with extreme critical analysis, there are many blogs with excellent content.
Alright now that I've finished, I'll get off my high horse and resume my ordinary civilian duties.


hockeygirl said...

That sounds good to me. Maybe we could also rework our mini bios to 20 words or less. If we are going get every team, that sidebar will never end. I think we could stop with the invites for now, there are enough links out there that if someone wants to join, they can get ahold of us.

k.le said...

Yeah, I've thought about our expanding sidebar before myself. It's a good thing though...people see our madness and want to join in.

Regarding that last point, should I be trying harder? Maybe more drastic measures are necessary...hypnosis, brainwashing?

Sherry said...

Nicely done, all powerful Overlord.

Anyways, I'm going to put a link to this in the sidebar for easy access.

Sherry said...

XD Never mind, I see you've already done that.

hockeygirl said...

Maybe we could also put a date on the weekly topic, like Nov 5-11 so that it gets changed regularly. How about making the creative challenge every two weeks since you make them frickin' hard. *glares*

Any objections to making the comments not be in a pop-up window? Let me know by Friday morning or I'm doing it anyways.

Jordi said...

No objections to changing the comments to a full page section. I'll send a notice to cut down blurbs on my next post.jq

Heather B. said...

I would love for the comments to be full page. I hate this little pop-up box.