Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We Have Our Final Matchup

Well…that’s that I suppose.

I could get all angry and critical at this point. I could yell and curse about our lack of energy. I could complain to the referees (the penalty on Kronwall was already ridiculous enough though). I could yell at Huet for a ridiculous game four. I could shout about the stupid, pointless penalties we took. I could criticize the defense for not knocking that pesky Holmstrom out of the way. Or I could, plain and simple, scream at the entire team that we, straight up, did not show up. But, I’m not going to do any of those things. I will though commend Detroit on their skill and general dominance throughout the entire series.

But, Lord, I am hoping the Pens take it to them. So I’ll be putting on my Pittsburgh hat and jumping on the bandwagon once again this year. Who’s ready for a rematch?


twunty mcslore said...

I am so ready for this. I have already taken my Malkin bobblehead to two different places during the playoffs for good luck and now he will join me on top of my friend's TV in Union Pier Michigan this weekend. By the way, I am prepared to buy him a new TV if I break it after jumping up and down on it after a win.
Sorry about your Hawks. Huet made one of the best saves of the season. That was some Yoda shit. How in the hell did he know to lift his leg up like that? Unreal.
Hugs and all that,

Kerri said...

That Huet heel save <333 amazingggg.

Sorry about the Blackhawks! :-( I was rooting for them.

That said, LET's GO RED WINGS! Can't STAND to see the Penguins win it.

Powderhornhockey said...

The Hawks going as deep in the playoffs as they did is one of the major sports stories of the year. In a little over a year they have gone from a team who were playing to empty houses to regular sellouts. When a image of Rocky Wirtz appears on the screen there is standing ovation . His father, Bill Wirtz had a difficult time showing his face in the United Center. Times have changed for the Hawks.

Next season the biggest hurdle will be not only to meet this years expectations but to exceed them. The Wirtz family spent 20 years killing NHL hockey in Chicago it cannot be stressed enough just how much of an accomplishment their come back has been both in the business sense and in the standings. Rocky's honeymoon is over with Hawks fans this season he will have to deliver on the marriage.