Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Former NHLer Peter Zezel Passes Away at 44

Peter Zezel will be remembered by most as part of the Philadelphia's "Young Turks" from the mid 1980s and a key component of the Toronto Maple Leafs appearances in the 1993 and 1994 conference finals.

Many Toronto area children will remember him as the man who helped them learn to skate or improve their hockey skills, regardless of playing level. Zezel operated successful hockey and sports camps in the Toronto suburb of Markham.

Zezel was single and had no children. He leaves behind his parents Valerie and Peter Sr, sister Neda, brother-in-law Richard, two nephews, and a niece.


Kerri said...

That's terribly sad. :-( My prayer go out to the family and friends.

Lucky13 said...

I was thrown off a little bit there - Peter actually died 3 days ago, not ten years ago.

According to Wikipedia (which is incredibly up-to-date), he had hemolytic anemia, which he had apparently recovered from several years ago, but unfortunately, not this time.

That is sad. No mention of it on from what I could see.

Ms. M said...

You're correct Lucky13. I was fortunate enought to have known Peter and was too busy crying to edit.

Lucky13 said...

I'm sorry to hear not only that hockey lost a good player, but you lost a friend. My condolences.

Anonymous said...

Peter was not single, he was engaged to be married and was like a dad to his fiance's children for 14 years.
His fiance Alida is devastated by his loss!