Monday, December 01, 2008

The Magic Uniform

The Blackhawks have just released a new children's book…

"The Magic Uniform" was written by Comcast SportsNet's Josh Mora and illustrated by his wife. "It's touching story of a boy who loved everything about the game of hockey. He was so obsessed with his beloved hometown team that he even believes he can help them win by wearing his 'magic uniform.' Through the eyes of a grandfather, telling the story of the boy and his magic uniform to his granddaughter, readers of any age will learn how being a hockey fan is truly magic."

Brian Campbell, Kris Versteeg and Adam Burish are doing signings and readings at some Borders. Until, of course, some kid says, "Burish, my dad thinks you're a loser!"

All of the benefits are going to Blackhawks charities.


Shan said...
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Shan said...

Not to belittle their efforts, but it sounds like a stupid book.

You can't recapture the magic of Le Chandail de Hockey, if that's what they're trying to do.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I was going to be sarcastic, but I decided to be supportive only because the money is going to charity.