Sunday, November 30, 2008

Paradigm Shifts 'R' Us.

While we're singlehandedly taking on the glass ceiling of hockey and hockey fandom every day here at Hlog, I've found a more nefarious and underhanded way to poke at the status quo of the old boys club. 

In short, Hockey God Online, run by former NHLPA agent and self proclaimed "bad boy" Dave Frost is holding a competition to find Hockey Hotties of the Month. Obviously, the intent is to get some more Wyshynski-worthy cheesecake girls-in-jerseys shots, but this is where you come in, oh wonderful and enlightened Hlog readers. 

Take pictures of your ridiculously attractive husbands, boyfriends, male life partners and other important men in your life wearing their hockey jerseys (and/or their skivvies, if they're so inclined) and let Dave Frost know pictorally that it's not just men who deserve to have someone to ogle while talking hockey. 


"Dave Schultz" said...

I love this idea, where should we post pictures of our guys in jerseys, our sites or here on HLOG?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking we need to send them in to Mr. Frost, but I'm also thinking I'm going to start a competing gallery over on my site.. if Hlog likes it enough, we could put a gallery here too... or this could be the "Hot Fan Gallery" for whatever anyone finds hot... in a hockey jersey.

Dare said...

That's creepy on so many levels.

I wish Frost would just crawl into a hole and be eaten alive by rats.

Mina said...

I agree with Dare. That site makes me want to scrub my brain with bleach.

Sherry said...

This guy skeeves me out on so many levels. Even with the acquittal, he knows there's no way he'll get another job in hockey and this is his lame attempt at being connected with the sport. It's just beyond disturbing.