Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time to Break Bad Hockey Habits

Sharks fans have a very odd habit. If you've been to a game at the Tank, you've probably witnessed it. No, it's not the traditional pre-game taunts from section 209, it's the constant cries of “SHOOT” that ring from the stands.

It comes out during the power play, like some evil audible virus, descending from the rafters to infect those watching the game with a crazy compulsion to spend the next two minutes screaming the most useless piece of advice they possible could.


The funny thing is, it's not even something the Sharks need to hear. They're shooting and they're shooting often. In 20 games, they've averaged 37.9 shots on goal. Compare that to the 20 game mark last year, when they were averaging 27.9 shots. Clearly, they've gotten them memo.

It's time to put an end to the “SHOOT” habit.

You can check our math here, here and here.


Rachel said...

A-freaking-MEN. However, this is not just a San Jose thing, I'm afraid. Predators fans are "SHOOT" crazy too. It irritates the crap out of me. I mean, would be like someone coming into my office, standing over me going "Type! TYYYPE!".

Seriously though, I'm pretty sure they know what they're doing out there. They don't need thousands of extra "coaches" telling them when to take a shot.

btw, welcome to HLOG! I just realized I never popped in to say hi on your intro post.

Cat said...

Stars fans are guilty of the same thing. Then again, on the power play the Stars have a tendency to get, like, 2 shots in a 4 minute PP. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but they do get a little pass-happy sometimes.

Gray said...

It pains me to hear that this is wide spread. Ugh.

Cat, I totally understand a team being pass-happy. The Sharks were extremely pass- happy for the past few seasons. It was ridiculously frustrating to watch. It was like they decided to hold a passing clinic during the PP.

Thanks Rachel!

Jocelynn said...

Ugh, I sat in front of a "Shoot" lady last game I attended. So annoying! Not just unnecessary, but repetitive.

squawky said...

There are times when shouting 'shooooot' at your team seems proper - like those dawdling "we're waiting for a pretty play so we don't have to crash the net" power-plays... but that's not a common situation.

It honestly sounds like fair weather fans who don't know much about the game - can we start "Paaasssss!" chants to drown them out??

(Having shouted "shoot the puck!" at a game, I admit to being guilty of this... but the Pens were being shutout, the power-play was a passing clinic, and it was the damn playoffs. Long time ago :) )

Ellie said...

yeah definitely guilty here too - but I think it was the same game squawky is referring to!

"A passing clinic" - what an accurate description of the pens power play on occasion. sometimes it seems everyone wants to get fancy instead of just getting dirty in front of the goal.

Kerri said...

I have to admit to yelling shoot, and quite often at that.

You have no idea the frustration of watching pretty little passes that always end up being broke up and sent down the other direction... on the POWER PLAY.

This is why the Rangers have only scored NINE pp goals this year, and yet lead the league in SEVEN SHORTHANDED GOALS. You'd yell shoot too. You'd yell "decline it, PLEASE" and maybe some obscenities as well.

At times like this, you have the right to tell your awful team to shoot the fricken' puck.

As for the Sharks, however... if your team has that many shots, many of which are quality shots (because there is a world of difference) the impatient yelling of "shoot" is coming from fans who are just...well... unintelligent.