Monday, November 17, 2008

Tim Thomas = The Flying Fish

I am a big fan of goalies, and the Bruins' Tim Thomas is no exception. During Saturday evening's loss against the New York Rangers, Thomas was even more acrobatic than usual. But what else can you expect from the guy who has spoken several times during the past week about his practice of yoga?

Ladies of the HLOG and our devoted followers, I present to you a new yoga pose, one which Thomas unveiled during the first shot of the shootout - The Flying Fish:

Although the Bruins lost the shootout, Thomas really has established himself as one of the top goalies in the league, especially following tonight's 3-2 win against Toronto. Several hockey writers, including Mike Brophy in the yoga article I linked to above, mentioned that Thomas seems more controlled this season. While I agree, you still always want your goalie to throw himself in the air and contort himself into crazy moves to make a spectacular save. And Thomas definitely did that on Saturday night.


Sherry said...


He looks like a mermaid. I'm sorry, mer-man. Either way, he ought to keep doing what he's doing because he's kicking butt so far (and helping me in my fantasy team!)

Bethany said...


Ellie said...

i love yoga : )

fleury used to be much more acrobatic in the net. now he's much more controlled. i wonder if he does yoga too?

Katherine said...

bethany - Hooray! I thought I was weird for thinking this about Thomas.

ellie - I don't think Fleury is necessarily controlled, I think he's just injured. :-( Although my favorite college goalie ever got called up because he is injured.

I wouldn't be surprised if lots of goalies do yoga or Pilates to work on their flexibility. I tried Pilates once and couldn't move the day after, so if goalies do, more power to them.