Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Five

1.) What's a good name for a frog?
2.) Will you be doing any shopping on Black Friday (for the Americans)?
3.) When do you put up your Christmas tree (for those of you that do)?
4.) Who is the hardest person on your list to shop for?
5.) Is there any new gadget coming out this holiday season that you want?


Ms. Conduct said...

1. Joe
2. Nope. Though things were quiet on the streets this morning.
3. Usually the weekend after Thanksgiving but we started early this year, a couple of weeks ago.
4. Husband
5. Nope. Got goalie gear. :)

Lucky13 said...

1) Betty Croaker
2) absolutely not
3) It's going up tomorrow.
4) my husband
5) I love love love the new purple nano ipod, but it's hard to justify getting it since I have a nano. Damn those strategic marketers!

Kerri said...

1) Kermit? That's so lame, I'm sorry, lol.
2) No way Black Friday. Not worth the money you save.
3) Usually with two weeks until Christmas... that way we can keep it up a couple weeks into January.
4) My dad. How many Giants T-Shirts can you get one guy for every holiday:?
5) Not really. My phone is literally in half, though, so if Santa wants to come up with a good surprise...

Gray said...

1) Hop Croaker
2) No, though I wouldn't mind if people did some Black Friday shopping in my store...
3) Maybe a week or so before xmas we pull out the tree and set it up.
4) anyone I don't know that well but am "required" to buy a gift for.
5) Do watercolor pencils count as gadgets?

Nadine said...

1.) Mean Joe Green.
2.) I avoid it at all costs.
3.) I have a very small Christmas tree that is fake. It doesn't come down.
4.) Tie: My youngest brother and his wife because he's a little introverted and she's new to the family.
5.) Nah.

Ms. M said...

1) Ribbert
2) Glad Canucks don't have to suffer through that!
3) Christmas Eve or St. Nicholas Day
4) Mum
5) a Blackberry but paying my student loan works too

Anonymous said...

1.) Man, and I had a bullfrog...what did we name him...I don't remember. But I think Jeremy is the most appropriate name.
2.) Noo, last year I did and it was insane.
3.) Should be soon.
4.) My mom and my dad.
5.) Just a plain 'ole laptop.

Anonymous said...

1. Kermit (not creative, I know)
2. Nope. I had it all done by then.
3. I put it up mid November this year.
4. mom
5. nope