Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Five

WHOO FRIDAY! I'm totally going to Caribou today.
1.) What do you like best about your arena of choice?
2.) Which kind of flower do you like best?
3.) How do you feel about frogs?
4.) Do you like fireworks?
5.) What song makes you sleepy no matter what time it is?


Cat said...

1.) What do you like best about your arena of choice? Honestly, I don't know, because I really like American Airlines Center. Clean, simple, I've never had issues there.

2.) Which kind of flower do you like best? Stargazer lilies!

3.) How do you feel about frogs? I'm cool with them, as long as they don't jump on me without warning. I don't know how they'd warn me, but I'm sure they could figure it out.

4.) Do you like fireworks? Yeah, but I usually don't go out to watch them. There's too many people, and it's too hot.

5.) What song makes you sleepy no matter what time it is? "Love Song" by Hanson, I think because in 2000 when the "This Time Around" single came out, "Love Song" was a b-side, so I set my cd alarm radio to wake me up with that song every day.

Connie said...

1) That when you're inside, you feel safe and secure.
2) I think Lotuses are cool.
3) Umm... I can't remember the last time I saw one in person, but I'd probably be grossed out if it were a bullfrog I was staring at.
4) Si senorita.
5) That really slow Hawaiian-type music that's associated more with surfing than Hawaiian culture.

Lucky13 said...

1) MSG - I love that the train station is right below it. Easy on easy off.
2) Lilacs
3) The tiny ones are cute (unless they're poisonous).
4) Yes - Oooooh...aaaahhh
5) slow violin music (no song in particular)

"Dave Schultz" said...

1. It's the home arena, I have my season seats. 2nd fav. arena has concourse *inside* so you can walk around, get food/beer and still be watching the game
2. poppies
3. real ones or my towns silly mascot? indifference to either, really. the poisonous ones are so pretty
4. YES!
5. Jack Johnson, Coldplay and the like are (IMO) dreadfully boring and put me to sleep

leanne said...

1. The Saddledome looks like no other building in the league.

2. Lilacs

3. Ribbit.

4. Stuff getting blown up is always awesome.

5. I used to fall asleep all the time when listening to the end of Hip's "Live Between Us" album. I suspect I still might.

Stephanie said...

1)I love the Victory Plaza at the American Airlines Center. They have huge, moving big screens, music, stuff to do and look at and I think it looks cool with the arena (which looks like an airplane hangar) behind it...


3)I've dated quite a few...none have turned into princes...

4)Love, love, LOVE! The big finales bring tears to my eyes.

5)Yoga music. If I'm in corpse pose for more than a minute or two, I'm out like a light...

Dare said...

1. The fact that I can afford tickets. Can't say that about the ACC.

2. Marigolds.

3. I really like frogs. My friends have lots at their cottage and I can't help but revert back to being 10 and chase them around and try to catch them.

4. I do. If we're talking traditional, purchased at the corner store ones, then I really only enjoy those when I'm the one lighting them. If we're talking crazy pyrotechnics, those are always pretty sweet.

5. Chill music, like Massive Attack and such.

Ellie said...

1. I love when the Penguins score a goal in Mellon Arena. The whole place erupts like a volcano - it sends shivers down my back!

2. I like growing violets. My grandma used to grow them, and they always remind me of her.

3. Frogs are ok in my book. I'd probably own one if I didn't have to feed it bugs - gross!

4. Fireworks are pretty sweet but I'm not obsessed like some people I know.

5. Like rock - the stuff my mom likes.

Anonymous said...

1.) They always play old school songs, and I love the organ.
2.) I don't know...
3.) Love 'em. I had two when I was little, and then I raised a bullfrog from a tadpole...awwww...
4.) Yes, especially during the finale, when you look back and it looks like daytime.
5.) Don't have one.

Kirsten said...

1.) The high school sweaters. I always go and find mine, and then curse at the conference rivals'. (shh, it's lame I know.)
2.) Johnny Jump ups or Snapdragons.
3.) I LOVE frogs, and I always have the urge to run arond and try to catch them.
4.) Sometimes. I like to shoot them off, and I like to watch them go off over the lakes.
5.) Jack Johnson tends to write songs that make me sleepy. I put his CD on the night before regattas when I really need to go to sleep.