Friday, July 11, 2008

Left Winger votes needed

During this off-season summer lull in activity, it looks like it's me and Wrap Around Curl's Hottie Hockey Dreamy Team voting and Friday Five. I thoroughly enjoyed all the creative challenge playlists that have gone up so far.

But I'm back again to pander to my constituents, get out the vote! You can vote here or here, or both.

In the words of my friend Q-Girl:

Get your ass over there and vote. We were not suffragettisoned from the political patriarchy to just sit on our wonderfully shaped girlie butts and dream about who would be in our Dreamy Team. We are now free to shape the Dreamy Team of our desires - the Dreamy Team we would most like to have on the giving end of our thorough tallindering*. The time to vote is now.

*tallindering (verb; past tense - tallindered) is better defined as an 'odd man rush'. It is best undertaken while drunk and is most likely a decision you will soon regret.

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