Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Creative Challenge--WHL style

Soundtrack for the 07-08 Tri-City Americans (and me)

1. Boys are back in town—Thin Lizzy: for Training camp and annual Intrasquad scrimmage completing camp!
2. Highway to Hell—AC/DC: preseason did not go well. I was worried for how the season would unfold
3. Mercy—Duffy—In preseason, I realized Carolina draft pick and Spokane Chief Drayson Bowman was going to be a problem. A problem on the ice for my team, and a problem for my team loyalty from here on out—he’s dreamy.

4. Murder—Ashlee Simpson: After dreadful preseason, AMS went on to dominate the next 7 of 8 games, 6 of those being opponents home openers and our own home opener.
5. Kick Ass, Take Names—The Dirt Surfers: for ending October with a .750 win percentage.
6. Can of Kick Ass—Mix Master Mike: for ending November with a .880 win percentage for the month
7. Brain Stew—Green Day: Taylor Procyshen goes down with conky late November
8. Can’t Get You Outta My Head—Kylie Minogue: Spokane and Drayson Bowman in town
9. Merry F’in Christmas—Dennis Leary: Going into the Christmas break 1st place in the WHL (not sure about that, but certainly first in the US Division)
10. Basket Case—Green Day: Pro still out with a conky, I’m going nuts without him on the ice and with Drayson Bowman on it—and playing for the dirty Chiefs.
11. On the Road Again—Willy Nelson: AMS take the first leg of their big Central Division road trip, going 6-1 while having fun on the bus (there are photos, not fit to share…)
12. I Need Help (I can’t do it alone)—James Brown: actually, he can do it alone. In a 7-2 pwning of the dirty Chiefs, Colton Yellow Horn’s 4 goals beat the Chiefs. Mid-way through the 3rd, he goes to the bench and says “ok coach, I’m done. I did my part.” Word.
13. Traitor’s Theme—Traitors: my obsession with Drayson Bowman has reached epic levels.
14. Only Happy When It Rains—Garbage: for the times I wanted it to rain on the Schmidt and Fast voodoo dolls as they were hanging out the window on the way home from a bad game.
15. (two songs) Breathe and Broken—Lifehouse: BFF and I drove all the way to Spokane (AMS lost) but these two songs were basically put on repeat. She kept me awake on the way home with a little game called “If you were GM…” while I thought about the lovely Drayson Bowman.
16. Centerfield—John Fogarty: “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play” theme song for Kyle Birch, Jason Gardiner, Mason Wilgosh, and Lane Werbowski
17. Running Down a Dream—Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: headed into the showdown for the US Division in the final regular season game against who else? The Dirty Chiefs and that Drayson Bowman
18. We are the Champions—Queen: AMS win the US Division for the first time in franchise history!!!!!
19. Warrior song sang by Blackfeet Tribesman at year-end awards for Colton Yellow Horn. Most moving experience ever.
20. Cotton-Eyed-Joe—Rednexx: it gets played at the rink every single game and random people take their shirts off and swing them around. Seriously.
21. Droppin’ Em—LL Cool J: knocking Kamloops and Seattle out of the ploffs
22. Going the Distance—Cake: going all 7 games against Dirty Chiefs and the Object of My Obsession Drayson Bowman for the Western Conference Final.
23. Big Time Sensuality—Bjork: 7 games in a row of Drayson Bowman
24. Slipping Away—Rolling Stones: after Chiefs scored their 2nd goal in game 7, life went out of the building and the boys.
25. Thanks for the Memories—Fallout Boy: ‘nuff said

Songs dedicated to certain players:
26. Unbelievable—EMF: for Chet Pickard.
27. Saturday Nights’ Alright for Fighting (Nickelback), Mama Said Knock You Out (LL Cool J), Boys Wanna Fight (Garbage): for Mitch McColm
28. I Will Survive—Cake: for Pro making a great comeback after conky
29. Man in the Box—Alice in Chains: for Schmidtty and Fast
30. Go Speed Racer Go--Ali Dee and The Deekompressors: for Johnny Lazo, Taylor Procyshen, Drew Hoff


Amy Lynn said...

That's one helluva list.

"it gets played at the rink every single game and random people take their shirts off and swing them around. Seriously."

...scary...reminds me of when they play Irish songs at Wolves games and everyone gets up and starts river dancing...I hide under my chair.

"Dave Schultz" said...

yah, river dance is a bit scarier than some shirtless kids and Cotton Eyed Joe.

Long list, i know. It'll never fit on a cd. I even cut some off that I wanted to include :)

Amy Lynn said...

You can make it a Part 1 and Part 2.

As long as the shirtless ones aren't beer bellied construction workers who've had to much to drink. :P

"Dave Schultz" said...

some of them are the beer bellied assortment, unfortunately. But the rest are kids who apparently think it is absolutely a RIOT to carry on this activity. Luckily for the kids near our seats have only hit us with spinning shirts a couple of times. Otherwise, I'd flip out.